ch, ch, ch, changes…

Alright… We’re five weeks into this now and picking up speed. You’ll notice two new things in this particular post.

Thing 1: Below this here text, (and on any post with audio) there is an exceedingly clickable arrow next to a speaker… Do you see it? That’s me trying to get into the swing of things and catch up to the whole podcasting craze that all the kids are talking about. I’m starting small and trying to embed audio  (and a player) on the page… Soon, I hope to have these very shows of ours show up in a search of iTunes for your podcast listening pleasure. Click that arrow and it’ll cover you in the refreshing mist of our latest show.

Thing 2: Below this here text you’ll see a button which says “share”. A beautiful concept, to be sure, but also a very convenient way for you to add content you see here to a bevy of other services like Facebook, Digg, Twitter and about seventeen dozen other services I’ve never even heard of! Click it!! Spread the word!!


Til next time, keep each other warm, ok?

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