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da juice…

So tonight marks show # 21 and the last one we’ll be doing at We’re striking out on our own, so stay tuned. If you don’t want to miss a beat of the EftRoU scene, join our mailing list by sending a quick message to Hey You Guys at EftRoU dot com!

If you missed the show, here it in in all it’s audio glory!


put it down, seriously…

Happy Thursday all! (admittedly it’s friday as i write this)

Tonight was a Benadryl-induced blur, but I think we had some fun… Rachael West was in studio talking about So You Think You Can Dance with Q as I interjected stuff that didn’t help at all…  We tried a new segment called Convince Me. Let us know if you can think of a better name… We’re not convinced this one is right for us.  We raved about a local pizza joint called Granelli’s, and out Feature Flick this week was The Taking of Pelham 123.

By the way, this was our 20th show and we let it go by with little pomp or circumstance, cause that’s the kind of low-key, down to Earth guys we are. Yeah. In truth, we just didn’t realize it… Try to enjoy it, in spite of the lack of ceremony, ok?


i’m improvising… i’m riffing…

Welcome friend. ‘Round these parts, Thursday means new shows! We had a ton of fun tonight and talked about some great entertainment… and panned some not so great entertainment.

We wanna know what you think! Do you agree? Do you think we missed the point? Don’t just sit there, COMMENT!



Hey, so… We’re on YouTube… Giving back to the people. That’s what we’re about.


i got nothing…

Hey all,

Here’s the thing, I got up early and ran around like crazy today. So here I am, 11:30 at night, just wanting to go to bed. Here’s tonight’s show. I hope you enjoy hearing it as much as we enjoyed making it!

Have a great weekend, folks. Don’t forget our poll, just south of this post.