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I can only hope there are no teachers listening to the show this week… Q and I make up some crazy words as we discuss Boob-tube trifecta: Psych, Royal Pains, and The Philanthropist. Also, a little game to play while you listen: try to count how many times I say “exceedingly”. I’m in serious need of a thesaurus.

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poop in his hand…

Tonight, Q ‘n’ Na are joined by Intern Zach (on a steek) as well as The Photo Expert (who ironically, was never featured on any of the cameras). Topics covered include; Coraline, The Great Buck Howard, and Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince rounded out the show in the Feature Flick spot.



a haiku…

We’re late in posting.
Thanks for the patience, guys.
Producing is hard.


step back…

Episode #23…Q ‘n’ Na are working hard to get all this audio and video equipment worked out.  With all this new found responsibility the boys are running a little late again… here is the mp3 file for all you fans who can’t see or hear the live show.

On this weeks show the boys discuss a great CBS show called ‘Numb3rs’, listen to see if Q ‘n’ Na give this show the “Seal of Approval”.  In this week’s DV-Debriefs they discuss ‘Night Train’ and ’12 Rounds’.  And…for the feature flick: a special guest joins the team to discuss ‘Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaur’.

Be sure to leave a comment for the boys and let the world know what you think of their reviews.  Let everyone know if you agree with them or disagree with them.

If you missed the show, click below.


spreading our wings…

Okay… We are getting the post out a little late this time.  You can blame Q for this one.  He was “busy” watching SYTYCD after the show last night when he should have been helping Na get the show posted.

Here is our latest installment of EftRoU, show #22.  In this episode we are spreading our wings going out on our own.  Doing all the show prep, show production, live video, we are doing it all ourselves.

On this weeks show we discuss some “Afro Samurai”, “Avatar: The Last Airbender”, The old “Voltron”  & “Burn Notice”.  We also mention how much we love Hulu!  Leave us a comment and tell us what you think of any of the shows we discuss.  Tell us why they are so good or not so good.

Peace out!

If you missed the show, click below.