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Best of… Vol 1

Welcome to week one of the EftRoU Fall Hiatus. We’ll be back live in just a couple weeks, but till then, we hope you enjoy the “Best Of” episode we’ve put together for you. On this show you’ll hear our discussions of Fringe, Numbers, Glee and Big Bang Theory.


kanyeus interruptus…

Hey all!

On this week’s show Q ‘n’ Na discuss the VMA’s and the new album “Bottlecaps” from a Colorado based group known as The Hooligans. The boys also announce a brief hiatus to allow some time to retool this site and the show. Stay tuned for some “best of” shows at the regular time-slot: LIVE @ FIVE, every Thursday night!

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EftRoU @ CRFF…

Q & Na had the honor to broadcast live from the inaugural Castle Rock Film Festival “Trailer Park” Meet and Greet.  This was the kick-off event for the annual festival.

Listen in as Q & Na talk to Miss Colorado Katie Layman, Mike Gage a film maker from Utah and a special guest.

If you missed the live broadcast click the link below.


I need to Restart…

In this episode Zach the Intern (on a steek) joins Q ‘n’ Na to try and convince them to see “G-Force”.  See how it turns out for the intern!

Also in this episode, Q ‘n’ Na discuss “Fighting” and “Sunshine Cleaning”.  For this week’s feature flick Living Dead Girl joins the crew to discuss “The Final Destination”.  Find out if the undead dig this flick or not!

If you missed the show click below: