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mamma say mamma sah…

… mamma koo sah… Geddit?

So this week, Shady joined us via Skype to discuss Creed’s latest release, Full Circle. He stuck around and we talked about Michael Jackson’s This is it. Q and I wrapped the show with another DV-Debrief, Surrogates. The Babble Room has been cookin’ during the last few shows, folks. If you’re missing it… Well… You’re missing it. STOP MISSING IT!! Join us LIVE @ eftrou/live on Thursdays @ 10:30am (mtn), and don’t forget, EftRoU is a year old and we’ll be celebrating with some friends February 4th @ 7pm (mtn).


New bat-time, same bat-channel…

Today’s show was the first in our new time-slot, 10:30am mtn. If you didn’t remember, you can catch the show at the link below. We talked about the Golden Globes, Gamer, and Up In The Air. We also checked in on Q’s progress on his Race for the Gold (aka, the Triathalon Sprint he’s running in July).


quit watchin tv…

Hey, y’all (Just thought I’d try it on for size… It doesn’t really work, does it?)

All havok broke loose during today’s show… Well, not really… but it was pretty hectic. Q was out and about leaving Na to work all the gadgets that make the show go. Be that as it may, the boys still talked a little entertainment this eve, covering topics ranging from Vampires to… uh, vampires. True Blood in the Boob Tube Babble, Daybreakers in the Feature Flick.



welcome back…

The winter holiday break is over and we’re back in the saddle. This week, topics range from TV (Men of a Certain Age and Better Off Ted), to movies (Sherlock Holmes and a half-review of Avatar) all the way to ways to improve your health and stamina if you were going to participate in, say… A Triathlon sprint.

Enjoy the ride.