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i got nothing…

No funny title for this entry. Sorry dudes.

In spite of insurmountable odds, Q provides a theme for this week’s show which features The Blind Side and Repo Men.

Listen. Discuss.


thank you babble room…

(Good God, ya’ll)
What is it good for?

Well, it makes for a fine EftRoU, that’s for certain. This week we discussed The Marriage Ref and Green Zone, we were joined by our Reality Guru, introduced a new chunk of the show, pimped a new show on called Let’s Talk Dollars with Sense and wrapped up with a super quick mention of Na’s new RC Crawler hobby and a couple guys puttin it down for charity.

This post is LINK-TASTIC!

See ya next week. If you missed the show, here it is, nicely packaged, just for you.


i’m over it…


That’s Q’s opinion. What’s yours? Are you into the resurgence in popularity of the 3D movie, or is it old hat (fez)? Discuss in comments below!

A particularly verbose Intern Zach (on a steeek) called in on today’s show and dropped a little science on Alice in Wonderland. Q ‘n’ Na talked, in their regular guy fashion, about Old Dogs making today’s show a Disney Two-fer.

Check it out!


Our Top 42 Comedic Actor Choices…

As all you know we have been working on a list of Top 42 Comedic Actors of our time.  This means they have performed in a movie or on a TV show starting in 1970.

So here is the list…. tell us what you think of this list:

42 – Carl Reiner 31 – Dan Akroyd 20 – Peter Sellers
41 – Art Carney 30 – Tim Conway 19 – Phil Hartman
40 – Harvey Korman 29 – Rodney Dangerfield 18 – Jerry Seinfeld
39 – George Clooney 28 – John Belushi 17 – Mel Brooks
38 – Vince Vaughn 27 – Jack Black 16 – Adam Sandler
37 – Pee Wee Herman 26 – Howie Mandel 15 – Tim Allen
36 – Chris Farley 25 – Dick Van Dyke 14 – Jim Carey
35 – Steve Carrell 24 – Will Farrell 13 – Bob Newhart
34 – Leslie Nielson 23 – Richard Pryor 12 – Eddie Murphy
33 – Ben Stiller 22 – Dom DeLuise 11 – Bill Cosby
32 – Martin Short 21 – Paul Rudd
10 – Hank Azaria
9 – Gene Wilder
8 – John Candy
7 – Billy Crystal
6 – Bill Murray
5 – Kevin Cline
4 – Chevy Chase
3 – Robin Williams
2 – John Cleese
1 – Steve Martin

So do you a agree or disagree?  Leave a comment or take the poll… thanks!

So the question is did we get the list right?

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it’s like work…

Spring is upon us and so is this week’s EftRoU. We unveil our top 42 (or 10 really) Comedic Actors (male). Other topics include Cop Out and Celebrity Birthdays! Love ya!