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Ok, so the title this week is a blatant attempt at getting more hits on Google searches (wink, wink, nudge, nudge). I could also drop words like “kittens” and “free mp3″… But that’s a little obvious, no?

Quite a range of topics today as we discussed It’s Complicated in the DV-Debrief, and The Losers in the Feature Flick chunk of the show. Let us know in comments what you thought!



A big show, a giant show, A KICK-ASS SHOW!

Friend of the show, Shady the Biker  and NEW friend of the show Mike (Melvis) L (from Eat, Sleep, Geek) join forces with Q ‘n’ Na to discuss a Hulu joint called If I Can Dream, and the Oscar Award winning Crazy Heart. We also breeze lightly over the comic-cum-action movie (like that’s a new idea) KICK-ASS!

If you didn’t get enough of Melvis, check out his blog/news site, Eat Sleep, Geek!


A bonus…

Here is a bonus from EftRoU.  Q was lucky enough to be interviewed on the Career Czar to discuss balancing full time employment and your passions.

Thank you Career Czar, Coach Christine and Producer Millan for having Q on the show.

To learn more about the Careen Czar be sure to visit them at their website


kill shot…

This week, I’m gonna give you a little more than I did last week… but last week’s post was pretty funny wasn’t it?

This week, Jewel of India, Parenthood, and Date Night are the topics.

Check it!!


release the kraken…

Release the Kraken! Release the Kraken. Release the Kraken, release the Kraken! Release the Kraken…

Clash of the Titans (1981)

Clash of the Titans (2010)

Release the Kraken!