Archives for May 2010

detachable penis…

Any show that ends with a discussion about penis… well, THAT’S a SHOW!

Other topics include: Web Therapy, Vamped Out and Shrek Forever After.



pantsless harrelson…

What can I say, I like me some lemon zinger… This week we chat about The Messenger and the new Robin Hood. Fan letters and tea…

It’s better than it sounds, honest.

See ya next week!



Man, that was fun… You gotta check this out!! Shady in the house! Mike Leach from! We talk some Legion (briefly) but the bulk of the show was IRON MAN 2.

And Scarlet Johansson, exposed!! Well, not really.

Total Geek Out! Seriously, it gets a little deep, but fun was had.

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let’s eat some brains…

I don’t know about you, but I’m HUNGRY!

Today, L.D.G. joined us to talk about A Nightmare on Elm Street and we delve into the hip hop (word) with a new album from Flobots called Survival Story…

Check it.