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megan fox in a corset…

Yeah, it’s a little obvious… sue me.

This week’s show was a humdinger (how dumb is that?) Q discussed Toy Story 3 and Na represented the people’s views (on account’a he didn’t see it). Everyone joined in on Jonah Hex including Mike Leach from (thanks mike! you write awesome lyrics to the a-team theme).



the mayor stops by…

On the docket for the day, a DV-Debrief Jaws! Celebrating 35 years since it’s release on June 20, 1975. David Casiano, the Mayor of Parker, shares his knowledge and expertise as a drama teacher as well as his breadth of knowledge. He really classed up the joint for us!

In this weeks Feature Flick, Q and Dillon 2.0 share why you should or shouldn’t see The A-Team in theaters now.

Listen in and let us know what you think of Dillon 2.0 does he have the chops to be a reviewer?


dillon 2.0’s first post

I’m handing the reigns over to the newest member of the EftRoU team. Our intern, Dillon 2.0… Don’t blame me if it sucks!

Hello EftRoU fans this is Dillon 2.0 talking about our last show. We talk about the very sad end to the NHL playoffs, Killers, and Get Him to the  Greek.

Not bad, kid… Needs a little pizzaz, through!



Hey guys! We freely admit that this is a Short Show, but there’s not too much filler… There just wasn’t much time… We did talk a little “Prince of Persia” And intro’d a new intern, Dillon 2.0. Watch for him this summer.

Hm, short post, too.