Bowling, Sabotage and True Love…

The biggest Big Brother Showmance is about to get split up!

Rachel and Brendan are about the get split up while they are in the middle of a budding Show-Mance.

You’ll find it all on the latest episode of the CBS summer hit, Big Brother!! Chris and I are die hard fans of this show and love the psychologcial element of being locked up in a house with weird people and nothing to do but fight, start up a show-mance or eat. Unless you’re on slop, then you don’t eat… you just try to survive to the next food competition.

On to the drama, more specifically the drama that is Rachel and Brendan. Am I the only one a little skeptical of their “show-mance?” Rachel wears the pants and Brendan turns into a whiney 4-year-old when they’re together… not very befitting a somewhat handsome grown man.

With the two of them on the block together this week, you know there’s some tears goin’ down in the Big Brother House! Rachel crying over their love and impending separation… Rachel crying over how much she’s fighting to stay in the game, Rachel crying over how wimpy Brendan is in the challenges. Ok, so it’s just Rachel’s tears but they are pretty entertaining.

Rachel and Brendan stayed up all night before the POV competition to practice the Big Brother bowling game. Jeff and Jordan, the love birds from last season, visited the house to host the game while Rachel and Brendan couldn’t pull out a win and they both cried some more.

What about the Sabotage business? I thought Big Brother was trying a Mole-esque move by starting the role of the “Saboteur” but really it’s just a lame move to try and spice up the game. Ragan, the latest Saboteur, decided to try and turn Rachel and Brendon against each other. Instead of letting him employ his own tactics to acheive the goal, Big Brother broadcast the Saboteur message to the entire house accusing Brendon of throwing challenges to further his game. Lame!!! Lame!!! SOOO LAME! Big Brother, I am very disappointed.

Tune in tonite, Thursday August 12th to see which of the two lover birds go home in the Eviction. A new HOH competition will happen and Julie Chen will host it all :) Bowling, Sabotage and True Love… all in a days work at Big Brother.

Rachael West and Reality Bytes, out.

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