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A Music Review of “A Thousand Suns” by Linkin Park…

A Thousand Suns by Linkin Park

Warner Bros Records 2010

After three years and following the success of their album “Minutes to Midnight,” Linkin Park is back with probably their greatest effort to date, A Thousand Suns.

In the CD booklet for the album the band talks about the time spent making the album, all of the trials and tribulations that occurred within the process, and how they deciphered whether to take the creative leap and release an album that they really wanted to do, although may not come quite as expected from their fans or the media.

While I am definitely a fan of the bands music, I am not a die-hard like some. I really enjoy all of their work they have done, and especially the last album “Minutes to Midnight.” I was especially eager to hear this album because it was creating quite the buzz around the release and I was curious to hear myself what they came up with this time around.

The album consisting of 15 tracks, starting out with two tracks being of instrumental nature. Right away I said to myself, “This is a little different for them”. Track three “Burning in the Skies” starts things off well and almost takes you back to where they have left off with Midnight. The great thing is the overall balance of this record. They have some great songs like “Robot Boy”, “Wisdom Justice And Love”, and “The Messenger” which reflect a softer and more emotional side of the band; whereas songs such as “Empty Spaces”, “When They Come For Me”, and “Waiting For The End”, which are geared more to the Linkin Park we are used too. 

“The Messenger” without a doubt has to be their finest moment on the release for me. When an artist can do a simple song with just vocals and acoustic guitar, and have it stand out as strong as it does, that says a lot about not only the song, but the talent of the artist as well.

I for one am glad that Linkin Park, though perhaps having their doubts, released this album. It reflects a whole new creative element of the band, and shows one that sometimes taking a creative risk can be a good thing. For me this album really isn’t that much of a departure for the band, but more of a great continuation of their work from the last album. Perhaps some of their die-hard fans will like it, and perhaps some not, but with any artist, they all grow and change throughout the years and people either like the change or don’t care for it.
I think within the last album, and this one also, the band has continued to grow musically and obtain a larger and more diverse following than they did in the past, and that is definitely not a bad thing at all.

I give the guys great kudos on this release and am glad I went out and picked it up right away.

I give it THREE and a HALF Stars out of FIVE!!


money, money, money, money…

A review of The Apprentice & the movie Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

Review of the Apprentice on NBC

NBC's the Apprentice

Review of Wall Street

20th Century Fox

In this week’s netcast the crew of Entertainment for the Rest of and the hosts of Bigg Success review two business related entertainment shows.  First the gang will discuss, review and share their thoughts about the 2010 Fall season of The Apprentice staring Donald Trump on NBC. Then the entire crew takes on Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps staring Michael Douglas and Shia LaBeour they will discuss, review and share what they thought of this new movie by Oliver Stone.

So sit back and enjoy another entertaining episode of EftRoU, show number 83! Rock on team, and thank you once again to our listeners.  We as a cast really do appreciate all the time and effort you put in to this show!!!


where’s shady gone too…

I can’t believe it, no Shady and no Na.  Thank god there are fantastic people in the world like Dano from the hit podcast to help out.

This week Dano and Q discuss two very different films but yet still entertaining.  “Easy A” staring Emma Stone and the movie “The Town” with Mr. triple threat himself (writer, director & actor) Ben Affleck.

Be sure to listen in and leave us a comment to tell us what you think.

Also for all those fans that read this post: check out the following link Ellen Mosaic.  See if you can find the @EntForTheRest Twitter avatar.  If you find it send Q an email telling him where the avatar is and he will send you some Fandago bucks.

Enjoy the listen!


A Music Review of “Hurley” by Weezer…

Hurley by Weezer

Epitaph Records

“If  you want to destroy my sweater, pull this thread as I walk away.” Who can forget the memorable line from the first single off their debut album in 1994; both witty and catchy, and not your typical song lyric.

I have been a  fan of Weezer since their debut release in 1994. I have always enjoyed their blend of rock and pop, their catchy melodies and fun lyrics. They are one of those bands, where you hear the songs, and years later they are still a lot of fun and make you feel good when you hear them. The band has done a good job with delivering the same fun and catchy songs for over a 15 year period, which in itself is impressive.

Less than a year after their last release of “Raditude” the band is back with another album Hurley. The cover is nothing more than a picture of Jorge Garcia aka “Hurley” from the show “Lost”. A definite twist for the band which normally has a picture of the band on the cover, including a bright color background. For me the cover art represents the album well, as being a little different or off. The songs on the album just are not very catchy or memorable, and definitely lack a spark that their older material has. I had read that the band was trying to get back to the basics with this album, and trying to go for the sound of the debut release and “Pinkerton”. While it seems like the sound is similar to their older material, the songs on this effort definitely lack the strength that they have always had in their music.

Their first single for the album “Memories” is a fun song which recalls living in the days of the 90’s. It is somewhat catchy and has a definite older Weezer vibe to it. Other songs such as “Trainwrecks”, “Hang On”, and “Smart Girls”, somewhat have the same quality but again the spark is missing from this new material. The album comes in a standard and deluxe version. The deluxe includes four extra tracks including a cover of “Viva La Vida.” While the extra four tracks are not bad, I don’t know that it is worth spending the extra few bucks for them.

This release is also the first album on Epitaph, their new label, after parting ways with DGC, which the band has been with since the beginning of their career. I am not sure if this has something to do with the change in their style or not, but I am sure it plays some part.

Unfortunately I have to say that this is probably going to be my least favorite release from the band. It just doesn’t do a whole lot for me for several reasons. The songs are not very catchy, the melodies very basic and somewhat boring, and lyrical content is not as good as we have previously seen from Rivers and crew. I was a big fan of their last release “Raditude” for fact that they had the same catchy and fun songs we are used to from the band, but also changed things up by adding some new styles to their music in some of the songs.

I will be very curious to see how this album does compared to their most recent efforts. Perhaps it will grow on me the more I listen to it, but so far a not very strong release in my opinion. I will also be curious to hear what other fans think of the new album, and the press as well.

Sorry Weezer, but I am going to have to give it 2 out of 5 Stars.


America Has Voted…

Jackie didn't win America's Got Talent, despite many predictions otherwise.

Jackie Evancho couldn't pull off a win against Michael Grimm on America's Got Talent

And I was wrong!!!! Noooooooo!!!! Jackie Evancho did NOT win America’s Got Talent. I was shocked. Truly floored. How could I not have gotten this one right? Here’s the lowdown on AGT’s results and Big Brother’s Finale from last night.

It was a long 2-hour finale packed with fillers and old clips from the season. Thank goodness for the magic of the DVR… we were able to watch it in a little over an hour. Yee haw. Prince Poppycock came in Fourth, followed by Fighting Gravity and then Jackie Evancho. Michael Grimm won the whole thing and I can’t believe it. I thought for sure that America would vote for the little girl who can sing opera better than Sarah Brightman. WOW. Great finale… pretty good season and Howie Mandel was a great addition to the judging panel. Congrats, Michael Grimm… you were my mom’s favorite.

On a side note, Chris mentioned last night that Michael Grimm was the only one out of the final four to actually stand in the audition line and audition with the crowds for AGT. Chris: Do you wish to elaborate? :)

Big Brother:
It’s over!!! Nooooo!! This is now the official end of summer in the West household. The drama of slop challenges and diary room confessions will have to wait until next year. Right… the winner… Hayden! No big surprise. Lane already said he didn’t really need the money so it’s best that Hayden won the half-million and Lane can play around with 50k. The biggest surprise of the night was America’s Favorite Player Winner. Again, I thought for sure I had called it with Enzo and his funny “Graaaaa-nade” personlity. Nope. Britaney won. BOO! BOO on you Britaney! I did not appreciate her game play or her personality so BOO! Other than that, it was a great finale and Chris and I are already looking forward to next season.

Stay tuned for a Survivor Season Premiere Update and thoughts about Jackie Warner’s THINtervention!
RW for RB