America Has Voted…

Jackie didn't win America's Got Talent, despite many predictions otherwise.

Jackie Evancho couldn't pull off a win against Michael Grimm on America's Got Talent

And I was wrong!!!! Noooooooo!!!! Jackie Evancho did NOT win America’s Got Talent. I was shocked. Truly floored. How could I not have gotten this one right? Here’s the lowdown on AGT’s results and Big Brother’s Finale from last night.

It was a long 2-hour finale packed with fillers and old clips from the season. Thank goodness for the magic of the DVR… we were able to watch it in a little over an hour. Yee haw. Prince Poppycock came in Fourth, followed by Fighting Gravity and then Jackie Evancho. Michael Grimm won the whole thing and I can’t believe it. I thought for sure that America would vote for the little girl who can sing opera better than Sarah Brightman. WOW. Great finale… pretty good season and Howie Mandel was a great addition to the judging panel. Congrats, Michael Grimm… you were my mom’s favorite.

On a side note, Chris mentioned last night that Michael Grimm was the only one out of the final four to actually stand in the audition line and audition with the crowds for AGT. Chris: Do you wish to elaborate? :)

Big Brother:
It’s over!!! Nooooo!! This is now the official end of summer in the West household. The drama of slop challenges and diary room confessions will have to wait until next year. Right… the winner… Hayden! No big surprise. Lane already said he didn’t really need the money so it’s best that Hayden won the half-million and Lane can play around with 50k. The biggest surprise of the night was America’s Favorite Player Winner. Again, I thought for sure I had called it with Enzo and his funny “Graaaaa-nade” personlity. Nope. Britaney won. BOO! BOO on you Britaney! I did not appreciate her game play or her personality so BOO! Other than that, it was a great finale and Chris and I are already looking forward to next season.

Stay tuned for a Survivor Season Premiere Update and thoughts about Jackie Warner’s THINtervention!
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