Have You Seen The Decoder Ring?

It’s most definitely, probably not right beind you on the wall!!!!!

This past Sunday marked another episode of the Amazing Race 17 and even more glorious examples of what happens with you don’t read the clue. The Road Block in Ghana proved to be too difficult for everyone, except the college accapella singers, who chose the Language Arts option.

The shopping channel hosts were stumped this week on the Amazing Race.

Shopping Channel Hosts were stumped by the decoder.

The shopping channel host team even resorted to drawing circles in the ground around groups of school children. Really? And let’s not forget how many teams didn’t bring back the right amount and type of supplies in the wheel barrows. “Amazingly,” no one went home on this leg and the Father/Son team have to overcome the Speef Bump next week. Phil is too nice sometimes.

Usually, by the end of the first episode, Chris and I choose our horses that we must stick by for the entire race. I chose the Doctors, thinking that they would perform well under pressure. They have yet to demonstrate that skill. Chris chose the Volleyball players and they are comfortably in the middle of the pack at the moment.

The Amazing Race always provides great insight into what can ruin relationships… but also build them stronger. Some people crumble under the pressure and attach each other while others push through it and come out more formidable than when they started.

Until next time… let’s give credit to that mystical decoder ring that was able to appear in plain sight on camera but somehow turn invisible to the Amazing Race teams. Kudos, Decoder… Kudos.

RW for RB

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