A Music Review of “LOUD” by Rihanna….

2010 Def Jam Records

Rihanna has got to be without a doubt one of the hardest woman working in the R&B and Pop genre of music. Within five years she has had five albums out and has gone from a new artist to a definite superstar in R&B and Pop music. She has returned just one year after her last release “Rated R” with a brand new album entitled LOUD.

With her last release “Rated R” she brought to us a darker and more personal side, which some people liked and others did not. A lot of the lyrics and writing represented things she was going through in her life at the time. I for one respected the album for the fact that it showed us not only a different side of her, but also her growth as an artist. Musicians in the R&B/Pop field  especially, tend to be not given too much room for growth, so I respect artists who push the boundaries for growth and try to go beyond the standard expectations put on them.

LOUD  brings back the dance music that Rihanna’s fans have grown to love from her. She does really well with this genre of music, and her multi platnium effort “Good Girl Gone Bad” was living proof of this. With her first single off the album “Only Girl” she not only started to receive huge praise not only from her fans, but the dance clubs as well. Her second single “What’s My Name” Featuring Drake also did well and continues to do so on the charts. Songs like “S&M,” “Cheers”, and “Love the Way You Lie Part II” Featuring Eminemn show us that Rihanna is not only back to her normal self as an artist, but also here to stay.

The one song off the album that really blew me away is a song called “Complicated.” This song is a standard mid-tempo ballad, but I think what really blew me away about the song is not only the emotional factor of the song but also the strength Rihanna has with her voice. This song is a perfect example of not only the talented artist she is, but also of the amazing vocal range she has.

Overall LOUD is a fun album, whether you just want to hear something upbeat that puts you in a good mood, or a great album before the club, LOUD is the way to go.

I would have to give it FOUR.FIVE out of FIVE Stars!!!!

Great job Rihanna, and keep up the great work!


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