Is Q becoming a fanboy…

I think I am a fanboy in the making.

Kill Shakespeare

Kill Shakespeare Issue #1 cover, IDW Publishing

As most of our regular listeners and readers know, I am a geek at heart and there is no doubt about that. In my early teenage days I can remember learning and teaching myself Basic (the programming language) on an Apple IIe and on the Commodore 64 my parents bought me. Somewhere during my early high school years, I broke away from the mold of being a geek. I stopped reading comic books, I stopped use my Commodore any more and quit programming.  I become more involved in sports and girls and just gave up on the idea of things geek related.


IDW Publishing

The reason why I think I am a fanboy in the making is because I am starting to buy comic books again. The comic I love the most is Kill Shakespeare, created by Conor McCreery and Anthony Del Col. The entire Kill Shakespeare team has turned me into a huge fan of their work. I love Kill Shakespeare so much I can’t wait until I get home to read each issue right after I purchase it from a great local coffee house, Enchanted Grounds.

To prove to you that I have become a fanboy, all you have to do is pick up issue #7 of Kill Shakespeare open up to the back of the book and you will see my very own name in print. How cool is that! I am a Kill Shakespeare fanboy and truly feel that this comic can do no wrong. I think it all started with our interview with Anthony Del Col and my first comic book review.

If you have not read an issue of Kill Shakespeare, you are missing out on a great story and a very enjoyable read. Be sure to check it out soon rather than later!

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