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Buried Movie

Ryan Reynolds in Lionsgate's Buried

So this week Q drops the ball (pulling a Na) and leaves the review of Buried all to Dano. We get to learn that Q lets sickness get him down and get in the way of watching, renting and reviewing this week’s DV-Debrief. Thank you Dano for being such a trooper and keeping the show alive. Buried, staring Ryan Reynolds (as Paul Conroy), is about a man who is buried with only a cell phone and a lighter. Paul is not ready to die, but when he wakes up 6 feet underground with no idea of how or why he got there, it becomes a hellish struggle for survival.

I said that I would still watch this and try to write a review for the site. So look for a link to that posted review later. When it happens I will try and put a link here so you can get to it easier.

Feature Flick

No Strings Attached

Paramount Pictures - No Strings Attached

During this weeks feature flick segment me and Dano discuss an Ivan Reitman film staring Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher called No Strings Attached. No Strings Attached is about a guy and girl who try, I repeat try, to have a sexual relationship with guess what, ‘no strings attached’. We quickly learn that this does not go as well as they hoped it would. Listen in and learn why we both don’t really see this movie as a guy type of film and why there is one scene that is guy’s guy type of scene.

Other Stuff on Show

I also talk a little bit about one of our new cast members, Benn Farrell, adventure in bull riding. Go to Benn’s blog to learn more about the adventure and see the intense exercises that his buddy Kent (former Mr. Colorado) teaches him to help prepare him for the task at hand.

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