Senior vs Junior 2011 Season Finale summary and thoughts

So I didn’t get a chance to watch the season finale of Senior vs Junior American Chopper last night but I did set the DVR so I could watch it today. Since this was the season finale I thought I would share my thoughts and provide a little summary on it. Once again this post will give you an idea of what goes on in my head as I watch shows like American Chopper. To get an idea of my general thoughts on the show be sure to check out my last post A Crew Divided American Chopper Senior VS Junior on Discovery. Fell free to leave a comment letting me know what you thought of the show and if you plan on tuning in the the next season.

In the final episode of the season American Chopper starts off showing OCC designing a bike for BIC as they roll out a new razor. Once again this shows the talents of Jason as a designer and the relationship he has with Paul Sr. I like the concepts that Jason comes up with and the way he sees the world. The kid is very entertaining and is very good at what he does. If OCC did not have Jason as a designer they would be lost, at least in my opinion. I am not sure anyone else at OCC has the talent he has when it comes to design. From what I have seen Sr. does not have the same ability as Jason. For that matter I don’t think Sr. has any of the talent or ability that his crew does. He has done a great job in building a team of talented people and I still give him all the credit in the world for that.

OCC Chopper BIC Bike

OCC BIC Flex4 Razor bike, courtesy OCC Fanpage

While OCC is working on the BIC bike PJD (Paul Jr Designs) is finishing the work they started on the Universal Property Casualty bikes. What I really like about the bike they are designing for Universal Property is the concept behind the ghosted tank. The gas tank is just there for the look and feel and is not functional. Now I have not seen a lot of motorcycles but I have seen enough of them on TV and in movies and this is the first time I have ever seen a gas tank that is ghosted. I think this shows the real talent that Jr. has in is ability to design. He is a creative guy, and no matter how much his dad picks on him for not doing work he has the talents of a good designer. Paul Sr will never have that talent and in all the years I have been watching American Chopper (off and on) I haven’t really seen it.

PJD Custom Bike

Pauly unveils the Universal Property and Casualty Insurance Bike, image courtesy

There were two very interesting things that happened during the season finale. One was the students that visit both OCC and PJD from the vetch school and Odie getting fired. These two things are what makes watching American Chopper interesting. The student visit was interesting for me, because it shows how Paul Sr and Pauly handle themselves in front of the kids. Now I know they don’t show everything on TV and the producers edit the episodes to tell the story they want. But in the long run Pauly comes out looking better each time they do this compared to Paul Sr. In this episode Paul Sr looks a little creepy to me when he asks the students to take a picture of him over to Pauly. That is just weird to me. If you want to make-up with your son MAN UP and go over to see him yourself. Don’t send a picture of you & him and have some random girl deliver it for you. What I also found compelling during the student visit is the comment Paul Sr made when asked about his and his son’s specialties. He stated that his specialty was yelling at people while Pauly’s specialty was design. I think he is right!

As for Odie getting fired, it was well deserved and you could just see it coming in the last few episodes. The kid is still young and doesn’t understand the meaning of respect. Odie saw Paul Jr more as friend than an employer. He has to learn that the boss is never your friend and you need to respect your boss. What really frustrated me was when he went crawling back to OCC and explained to them that he quit. It was obvious that he was fired. What I also liked is how Pauly said he was welcome to work where ever he wants, because it is a free country. Paul Jr stated that several times. I am not sure what happened off camera related to papers he was asked to sign, but I suspect it was an NDA and not a non compete, but we will never know. Also if you compare the way Cody acted in older episodes to the way Odie acts you can see that Cody was much more respectful toward Pauly and knew how to act as an adult. Odie has a lot of growing up to do, I hope he looks back on this episode and learns from it.

As for side stories on the show both crews got to do something fun. The PJD crew got to swim with dolphins and the OCC crew played some hockey. Even though I am a big hockey fan I would rather go swim with dolphins. However, it would be great to shoot on Paul Sr while he is in net. I noticed Paul Sr never got off his knees the entire time he was playing goalie. I also noticed that Jim can skate and has a little bit a talent when it comes to playing hockey. Nice work Jim!

Both Paul Sr and Paul Jr may be competing against each other but it makes for interesting television. Both OCC and PJD have different ways of designing bikes, but as a viewers we benefit as they are both building beautiful bikes. Just look at the two unveils at the end of the season finale. The BIC Bike design by OCC was fantastic and I loved the elongated look it had. And the Universal Property Bike designed by PJD was creative with the ghosted tank. I can’t wait to see more bikes produced by these two shops. Overall it was a good ending to the season, I look forward to next season!

Until next time, Q out!

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