EftRoU 101: eftrou 2.0…

Well folks we have been doing our little show from Colorful Colorado for two years now. And to celebrate we got Na to come back and visit with us to do a little review. We also decided to change things up a bit. We have new opening and closing music, a new voice over and some segment songs in order to add some spice to the show. Let us know if you like our new logo and our new show opener by leaving a comment. By the way here is a look at our new logo.

Memorable Moments:

During our re-launch/reboot of the show we take on a memorable moment segment and discuss Songs To Drive To. See what Na, Shady, The Moderator and I have to say about good songs to drive to. We also hear some great suggestions from the babble room.

I am Number Four

DreamWorks Studios - I Am Number Four

Feature Flick:

So we decide to take on “I Am Number Four” starting Alex Pettyfer, Timothy Olyphant, Teresa Palmer and Dianna Agron. In this movie a kid who is # four of nine kids is hiding on Earth as he and the others are hunted down. Listen in and see what the EftRoU crew thinks of this movie based on a book written for teens. Did we like or do we hate it? Tell us what you think of this movie by leaving a comment below.

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