Q’s Quick Review of Buried and 127 Hours

Welcome to a new segment/post we’re (really me) calling “Q’s Quick Reviews” or QQR. That’s right, I will will be sharing some of my thoughts about TV shows I watch as well as movies, music, restaurants, comics, shorts, basically anything that is entertainment related and on my mind.

Image of Q's Quick Reviews

QQR #1

In the first QQR I am going to share some thoughts on the DVD ‘Buried‘. A while back we reviewed this on the our weekly podcast and I didn’t do my homework. Catch episode 98 to hear what Dano thought of the film.  I am catching up and you will be able to hear my thoughts in the video below.  I also watched ‘127 Hours‘ on DVD and just had to share how similar these two movies are with each other.

Enjoy the show.

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