QQR – American Chopper Cadillac build-off


In this edition of QQR I talk about American Chopper Sr. VS Jr. and the latest episode, Cadillac Build-off Part 2, where OCC and PJD build bikes for Cadillac. The intent is to raise awareness and money for Cure Duchenne a worthy cause. These last two episodes have been great, as they pit father against son. The executives at Cadillac are brilliant marketers as well as the producers of American Chopper. This was a clever concept to have OCC go up against PJD. I know I couldn’t wait to see these last two episodes. Now I can’t wait to see who’s bike will be voted the better bike. (go team PJD)

I also talked about American Chopper on episode 115 of our podcast. Check it out as The Moderator and Mike question if American Chopper is purely scripted.

Until next time….


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