Cowboys, Aliens, and Other Fun Stuff…

If you like cowboys and you like aliens, then you might just love the two put together in this clever piece done by Jon Favreau.  The movie is based on a graphic novel which I have not read, but I found the movie to be very good.  With lots of action and excitement, you will keep wondering what is coming next throughout the whole film.  You may have seen a cowboy movie or two, and plenty of alien movies, but when combined in one movie, the result is a very interesting and unique story that you may have never seen before.


A big reason why I was looking so forward to the movie is because I enjoy Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford.  Jake Lonergan, who is played by Daniel Craig, is lost and confused as he does not remember anything about his life.  As the story unfolds, he slowly remembers and realizes what he needs to do in order to help the town of Absolution.  The mysterious and sexy Olivia Wilde who plays Ella continuously attempts to tag along to help him as well as get his help so they can find their people who have been taken by the aliens.  There are some unexpected turns to the movie that keep it entertaining and exciting.  Harrison Ford’s character, WoodrowDolarhyde, starts off as the head honcho, demanding what he wants with a crude attitude, only to be faced with the unfortunate situation with the aliens, eventually causing him and many others to learn to coexist with people.  His son, Percy Dolarhyde, played by Paul Dano, is probably the least liked among many in the town, and its because he thinks he can get away with anything because of his father.  The dog was a nice touch to the movie, because everyone likes animals.  Noah Ringer played the young boy and his character was a good piece to the movie.  Lonergan and Dolarhyde strive to settle their differences for the sake of the town, as they discover the truth about the reason behind the aliens’ presence on the planet.

I thought the depiction of how cowboys live their lives in a small town was very realistic, and even spotting UFO’s in the desert can be considered realistic.  The rest is just fun movie watching.  What I love about stories like these is that we don’t know what’s out there in the universe and if we’re alone or not, so the imagination can go many places with the notion that anything is possible.  And although there were parts of the movie you may have found yourself chuckling when it wasn’t necessarily a funny scene, you really don’t know how far off a fictional tale might be from the truth.

Cowboys and Aliens leaves you with a good feeling, even though there was much sadness during the film as not everyone is as lucky.  You get a happy ending at the expense of several sacrifices, which is more probable and better story telling anyway than a happy ending with no sacrifices.  Great movie to go and see, I enjoyed it very much.  Entertaining and different.  I think I’d give it a four out of five alien spaceships.


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