EftRoU Extra – 2011 Fall TV preview

Now that Square Ross is part of the crew and we have another TV watcher in the mix we thought we would record a Fall TV Preview episode. Both Square and I  love us some BoobTube so we give you our thoughts on good TV for the 2011 season. So listen in and enjoy.


BoobTube Babble:

Here’s the run down of the episode:


Fringe - Friday Nights on Fox

First we talk about shows that are returning this season that are must see. It could be because of the great story lines the acting or a new spin. We discuss such TV shows as Fringe, Modern Family and The Big Bang Theory. Listen in and let us know what your favorite TV shows are by leaving a comment.

Playboy Club

NBC - Playboy Club

Next we talk about shows that aren’t going to cut it this year. Examples include but are not limited to Playboy Club and 2 Broke Girls.

Pan Am


The last thing we discuss are new TV Shows that we’re excited about and can’t wait to see. In this segment you’ll hear about Pan Am and Person of Interest. We would love to hear what you’re excited to see this season as well as what you think are stinkers. Leave us a comment and let us know.

Look for more EftRoU extras in the future as Square Ross and do some exclusive TV reviews and commentary. Thanks for listening and stopping by!

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