EftRou 144: 2011 Thoughts and 2012 Predictions

Another short one for all of you to enjoy.  Tonight its just Q and myself (SquareRoss) as the rest of the crew is wrapping up the holidays.  Q & I look back on 2011 topics that caught our eye and look forward and share what we think is going to be some highlights of 2012.  Enjoy and as usual share your thoughts with us.


2011 Look Back

American Chopper Live: The Buildoff

American Chopper Live: The Buildoff

So Q & I wanted to kick off 2012 aka Season 3 of EftRou by taking a look back at the highlights of 2011 and sharing with you a few things that stood out for us as interesting moments in entertainment and beyond.  Q has some TV/Movie highlights as well as some thoughts about the Live special of American Chopper.  I happened to go with my Geekier side talking some video games as well as sharing my thoughts on TV and the business of entertainment, including news that caught a lot of people guard this past year.

2012, To infinity and beyond!

Fringe On Fox

Fringe On Fox

Next up Q and I attempt to prognosticate about what will be the big highlights of 2012, including that pesky end of the world rumor.  Q thinks a certain comic book movie will be big.  Square plans on seeing a trio of movies including the last Dark Knight Saga movie, A Ridley Scott film and the return to the Shire (Which Q is now on the bandwagon with).  I managed to find 2 Movies that cause pause as the fact that Q hasn’t heard of either of them. Q thinks he’s found the stinker of the year remake movie.  Lastly I stick with 1 returning favorite TV show, Fringe and another new one from the mastermind of J.J.Abrams & Company.

We always hope you enjoy listening and we would love to hear back from you. Feel free to join the conversation on twitter via @entfortherest you can also find the crew on twitter: Q (@aka_q) and me SquareRoss (@SquareRoss).

Until next time stay safe and enjoy your entertainment!

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