EftRou 145: That girl with the tattoo

Sorry for the late in the week post folks, life has been busy for me.  Wanted to get this one up before it became a lost EftRou episode.  This ones a short one as it was just Q and I.  This week we talk about the American adaptation of “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo”.   I’ve seen all the original movies and Q just started off with the Trilogy with this one, it was an interesting discussion.  We also talk about the results from the Fall 2011 Media Mogul Fantasy league and crown the winner (virtually of course).


Feature Flick

Many of you may have read or seen the original Swedish versions of the Millennium trilogy which became a critically acclaimed book and movie series around the globe.  This typically means that a major US studio is sure to secure the rights and remake/reboot/redo it into an American franchise and ditch most of the source material.  However this is not one of those times, in fact I was very surprised with how true to the original the movie stayed.  Q although had never read or had been exposed to this prior to the US remake.  Listen in and see if you agree with both our takes on this new franchise.

The 2011 remake includes a pretty amazing cast which the title role of the Girl with the Dragon tattoo (Lisbeth Salander) being played by recent new star Rooney Mara The Social Network (2010) and the male lead of Daniel Craig whom plays discredited journalist Mikael Blomkvist.  The film also stars Christopher Plummer, Joely RichardsonStellan Skarsgård and Robin Wright.  David Fincher whom helmed some amazing movies in recent years: Fight Club (1999)Se7en (1995)The Social Network (2010). Fincher takes this movie and runs with it but at the same time seems to have done so while staying true to the original novel and movie while putting a unique twist to the storyline that fans of both the book and movie will not expect.  The soundtrack has been highly publicized recently as it’s not your traditional score that you would find in similar movies.  Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross create an amazing soundtrack and especially the during the opening sequence that definitely clues you in that the movie  you’re seeing is not your typical thriller/drama fair.  Much like the TRON: Legacy soundtrack done by Daft Punk it’s mostly electronic music but done by musicians normally never associated with movies scores. They both do a fine job with this film’s score and helping drive parts of the movie through the music.

Definitely a word of warning though for some movie goers.  The movie has some very intense scenes that may not sit well for all viewers.  Definitely keep this in mind when going to see this.  To find out more check out the following link, keep in mind some of the contents of this page do include potential spoilers:  Parental Guide

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Until next time stay safe and enjoy your entertainment!

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