EftRou: 151 The Prognosticators….

I’m going to be honest with you folks and let you know this is one full episode with all kinds of entertainment goodness.  We cover everything from the Oscar predictions, Transformers 4, Tron: Uprising with a pinch of celebrity apprentice and some thoughts on  Movie/TV franchises good or bad for fans.


Entertainment Chatter

Michael Bay creating "bayhem"

Michael Bay creating "bayhem"

We kicked off the  show this week with talk about the newest celebrity apprentice and our thoughts of some of the cast members.  We touch on the announcement about Michael Bay doing yet another Transformers. Including what they could achieve from this Reboot/Sequel that will keep fans happy, even though the third movie concluded the storyline in most fan’s opinions.  We also started chatting about the upcoming “TRON: Uprising” (2012) animated series that will take place between the first film TRON (1982) & TRON: Legacy (2010).

OSCAR predictions

Oscar Statues

Oscar Statues

The crew finally reveals who they think will win the Oscars. This will save you time in not having to watch the show, cause come on we’re the final vote in who will win or lose, right.  The crew takes time to pick out a few winners and why along with who they would love in their heart of hearts to win.  One thing is for sure you might be a bit surprised on what the crews picks!

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Until next time stay safe and enjoy your entertainment!

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