EftRou – 152: Of Motorcycles and OSCARS

The crew returns for yet another episode filling your brain with entertainment news!  To kick things off the crew talks some potential TV cancellations then we roll on into Shady The Bikers review of Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengence, last but certainly not least we share our thoughts on the OSCARS.


TV Cancellation rumors

Fringe Poster

Fringe Cast

Q & I are huge fans of 2 FOX TV shows that potentially could be facing the axe.  If you haven’t seen FRINGE or Alcatraz your doing your self a disservice.  The reason I say this is both of these shows are very creative and mysterious without having to go over people’s heads that aren’t into Sci-Fi/Drama.  With viewership on the decline for both shows, FOX doesn’t see why it should continue producing the shows. Instead they mar replace both shows with something that has a bit more reality (Which seems to be all we have on TV now).  I don’t have to many shows I enjoy and have dedicated myself to these to shows. I feel losing either of these shows now would be a huge mis-step on FOX’s part.

Ghost Rider

So Shady decided to go see Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance this last weekend and we were hoping for a great review from Shady. Why do you ask, well,  #1 he’s into Motorcycles, #2 he liked the first one, & #3 he wouldn’t stop talking about the trailer when it came out a few months ago.  Find out his thoughts and opinion of the latest installment from the Ghost Rider franchise.

Billy is back!

Billy Crystal Returns to Host

Billy Crystal Returns to Host

I think everyone was re-leaved when the news hit a few months ago that Billy Crystal was indeed going to return to the hosting duties of the OSCARS.  I even was more excited when I saw the trailer for the OSCARS called “The Host”, which made me feel that this was going to blow away all expectations. We take time to talk about some of the highlights and low lights and all the fun stuff in between plus go over our OSCAR predictions from last weeks episode (if you haven’t heard it go here first).

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Until next time stay safe and enjoy your entertainment!

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