EftRoU 159: Hungry Games and Robots, a fight to the death…

This week the crew gets hungry for The Hunger Games, we touch on the book and compare how different the movie seems to be.  We also talk a little about two Robot themed shows coming our way. So, sit back and enjoy another great EftRoU.


Feature Flick

Hunger Games Movie Poster Katniss

Hunger Games Movie Poster Katniss

We kick this week’s show off by doing something we haven’t done in a long time, a movie review… The Hunger Games (2012).  If you haven’t heard about the The Hunger Games (Wikipedia), you’ve been under a rock, it’s the first book of three written by Suzanne Collins and takes place after an unknown apocalyptic event. The basic idea… to help keep the peace and to remind citizen of a time that was much worse the leaders pit young men and women against each other in a fight to the death. Nice right! The film stars rising star Jennifer Lawrence (X-Men: First Class, Winters Bone), Josh HutchersonElizabeth Banks (40-Year old virgin, The Next 3 Days) as well as many others, including a solid performance by Woody Harrelson.  Most people probably won’t catch the surprisingly good performance by musician Lenny Kravitz, we did.  The crew and I took some time to share our thoughts about what was missing in the movie. Listen in to see if we thought the movie held up to what was in the book.

Thief of Thieves

Our resident expert, Mike, helps us out with getting the background on a new AMC show called “The Thief of Thieves”. It’s a new show based on a comic book. Now you see why we needed Mike’s help. As you all know we enjoy us some comics and once again Mike helps us get it right.

Robots and Reboots

Jamie Hyneman

Jamie Hyneman

Next the crew dives into the world of Robots and Reality TV… this time being brought to us by James Cameron.  Cameron will produce a weekly series called RoboGedon, similar to Battle Bots & Robot Wars.  Both of those shows featured competitors facing off in a fight to the death against other robots (Kinda got a theme running with this episode). We take some time to talk about Jamie Hyneman’s, of Mythbusters fame, Blendo robot and the show RobotWars featuring Grant Imahara’s Deadblow.  Q and I are looking forward to seeing this show and are hoping they bring back some of these guys whose careers obviously haven’t deviated to far from where it all began.

And last but not least its time for another reboot, this time… Short Circuit (1986).  A more menacing “Johnny 5” has been proposed by director Tim Hill. Check out the article here.  Q is excited about a more “Menacing” Johnny 5 and I’m still crying about another part of my childhood being remade. As Q says I need to get over it, plus he calls me old.

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