EftRou 161: Fire Fighters, Vetrinarians, Mindy Kaling

So this week it was just back to Q and I.  We thought with all the big Network up fronts (basically FOX, NBC etc showing off to advertisers what is coming this fall) we should talk about our thoughts of some of the upcoming shows.  Also we kick things off with the Avengers bill for destroying/saving New York.  Sit back turn it up and enjoy the latest episode!


Avengers destruction.

Avengers Assemble an expensive mess...

Avengers Assemble an expensive mess...

So I was reading this the other day and thought it to be rather humorous as well as an excellent topic to talk about with Q as well as get our fans thoughts.  Long story short, the Avengers battle comes to about $160 Billion dollars and is considered an act of God, or as I put it “Puny God”.

Boobtube Babble

Mindy Kaling Project

Mindy Kaling Project

Its that wonderful time of the year loved (or hated) by TV fans and advertisers – renewal time.  This year especially is proving to be a unique as many shows are either getting the axe after 8-9 years or have just run the course and its time to move on.  Right now is the time of the year in which most fans like Q and myself hope that some of our beloved shows get picked up (As of this writing FRINGE, Community, Parenthood and others that are our faves made the cut).  While advertisers get to start picking out which shows they are going to back financially for ad placement.  We chat a little about a few of our picks and touch back an episode not long ago where Q and I made some predictions about what we thought would last and what we thought would fail.  Listen in here and tell us your thoughts on what we got right but also tell us if you think we’re right again with our latest picks.

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Until next time stay safe and enjoy your entertainment!

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