Bacon Cakes and Bacon Steaks Reign Supreme…

Tom Pizzica from The Next Food Network Star Is in the Finale

Tom Slides into the Finale with Big Bacon Risk

Or so it seems, on the latest episode of The Next Food Network Star airing on the Food Network, of course. Chris and I love this show… lots of drama, seemingly delicious food and lots of predictions as to whether we’re really ever see these people on the network again. The latest episode showcased one contestant’s creativity with one of my least favorite foods but one of Chris’s favorite culinary delights: BACON.

The final four competed in a mock Iron Chef standoff with another contestant and Tom pulled out the big guns. He chose to make a crab cake styled BACON Cake, followed by a enormous BACON steak and finished up BACON stuffed french toast drowned in clam sauce…. WHAT the…..?!?!?!

Tom wound up reigning supreme and staying in the competition. Mostly because his opponent, Aria, botched the challenge and put a sloppy home-style meal in front of the panel… with a side of bacon. LOL

This show is fun to watch and the finale should be interesting. I’m predicting Aarti wins with her Indian cuisine while Chris is backing Herb and his healthy Latin cooking. Who will win? Watch the Food Network this Sunday at 7PM MDT and see. :)

Rachael West and Reality Bytes… out.