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Rachael West is Denver based actress for tv, film and theatre and also a voice actor with her own recording studio. She and her husband, Chris, are obsessed with Reality TV and created Reality Bytes in 2008 as a venue to share their thoughts, opinions and overall emotions about reality tv. Some of Rachael's all time favorites are American Idol, Big Brother, Survivor and Solitary!

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EftRou 159

EftRoU 159: Hungry Games and Robots, a fight to the death…

This week the crew gets hungry for The Hunger Games, we touch on the book and compare how different the movie seems to be.  We also talk a little about two Robot themed shows coming our way. So, sit back and enjoy another great EftRoU. Feature Flick We kick this week’s show off by doing […]

EftRou 157

EftRoU 157: SyFy’s Identity Crisis…

  This week we welcome Tapeleg from The Rink Podcast to lay some hockey science on us as well as share his entertainment prowess. The regular crew minus Shady are also in studio to discuss a new reality TV show on SyFy called Dream Machines, The TV show Comic Book Men, some NHL Hockey playoffs […]

EftRou 154

EftRou 154: Hockey, 3D, SquareRoss Manor, Zombies….

Once again the crew is bringing you all the great entertainment from all points of the “Entertainment” universe.  We talk a little about the Movie GOON, Walter Murch’s thoughts on 3D, Mass Effect 3, SquareRoss manor… and top it off with some chat about Terra Nova being canceled, oh yea some zombies from “The Walking […]

EftRou - 151

EftRou: 151 The Prognosticators….

I’m going to be honest with you folks and let you know this is one full episode with all kinds of entertainment goodness.  We cover everything from the Oscar predictions, Transformers 4, Tron: Uprising with a pinch of celebrity apprentice and some thoughts on  Movie/TV franchises good or bad for fans. Entertainment Chatter We kicked […]

EftRou 144

EftRou 144: 2011 Thoughts and 2012 Predictions

Another short one for all of you to enjoy.  Tonight its just Q and myself (SquareRoss) as the rest of the crew is wrapping up the holidays.  Q & I look back on 2011 topics that caught our eye and look forward and share what we think is going to be some highlights of 2012. […]

Jr VS Sr

QQR – American Chopper Cadillac build-off

  In this edition of QQR I talk about American Chopper Sr. VS Jr. and the latest episode, Cadillac Build-off Part 2, where OCC and PJD build bikes for Cadillac. The intent is to raise awareness and money for Cure Duchenne a worthy cause. These last two episodes have been great, as they pit father […]

EftRoU Podcast

EftRoU 115: American chopper tangent

This week we have a little something for everyone. We talk some sports, some tv and movies. Before the show even gets started Mike and I talk about the new Winnipeg Jets, basically hockey returns to a great Canadian city.  We also touch on the MTV Movie Awards and make some predictions, we then discuss […]

EftRoU 109

EftRoU 109: Mighty Mouse sniffed cocaine

In this week’s episode of EftRoU Dillon 2.0 steps it up a notch. Could it be because Cassi Perkins comes back for a second week in a row, maybe?!?!??!  Any who, this week we take on a new segment we are calling, Cartoon Character Showdown. We’re also looking at some history by reviewing and discussing […]