i got nothing…

No funny title for this entry. Sorry dudes.

In spite of insurmountable odds, Q provides a theme for this week’s show which features The Blind Side and Repo Men.

Listen. Discuss.


thank you babble room…

(Good God, ya’ll)
What is it good for?

Well, it makes for a fine EftRoU, that’s for certain. This week we discussed The Marriage Ref and Green Zone, we were joined by our Reality Guru, introduced a new chunk of the show, pimped a new show on CastleRockRadio.com called Let’s Talk Dollars with Sense and wrapped up with a super quick mention of Na’s new RC Crawler hobby and a couple guys puttin it down for charity.

This post is LINK-TASTIC!

See ya next week. If you missed the show, here it is, nicely packaged, just for you.