EftRou 155: A longs with that…


The crew is back with everyone but Mike! So it was up to Q, Shady and Myself (SquareRoss) to give you some great entertainment news and our thoughts on: The Descendants, Once Upon a Time possibly influencing some upcoming movie releases, We talk the finale of Alcatraz, Walking Deads new character! and what shows were watching and how amazing Tom Hardy is.


Talking some walkers and a herd

I was corrected tonight that in the ““The Walking Dead” (2010) universe a large group of zombies err…”walkers” is a “herd”.  The guys chat about the finales new character intro as well as our thoughts on how the graphic novel compared to the TV show from what we’ve seen.

Descendants Movie Review

Geroge Clooney The Descendants Poster

Geroge Clooney The Descendants Poster

Q and Shady recently had the chance to see the movie The Descendants (2011) and share their thoughts on the movie. Plus they discuss if it deserved winning its recent OSCAR for adapted screen play.

Once upon a time influence


Mirror Mirror 2012 Movie Poster

The crew touches on the fact that both Mirror Mirror (2012) and Snow White and the Huntsman (2012) both are coming out right along the same time as “Once Upon a Time” (2011) (TV series) will be wrapping up its season. And is a show like this able to influence major Hollywood studios in moving up release dates for shows?  Also what do you think of the trailer for Snow white and the Huntsman?

Closing the door on Alcatraz and Tom Hardy as a Villain?

Alcatraz Poster

Alcatraz Poster

Lastly the crew talks about the finale of “Alcatraz” (2012) and how well done the show is along with some other bits and pieces from warrior and just how freaking amazing Tom Hardy is.

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EftRou 154: Hockey, 3D, SquareRoss Manor, Zombies….

Once again the crew is bringing you all the great entertainment from all points of the “Entertainment” universe.  We talk a little about the Movie GOON, Walter Murch’s thoughts on 3D, Mass Effect 3, SquareRoss manor… and top it off with some chat about Terra Nova being canceled, oh yea some zombies from “The Walking Dead”, so kick back, turn it up and enjoy!


This and that

The crew is back minus Shady who couldn’t make it this week, but returning from his hockey nights Mike is back!  We kick things off with another cornucopia with bits and pieces from all over.  The crew talks some video games as well as rumors of Netflix picking up canceled shows to give them an additional leg up on the competition.

To 3D or not to 3D?

The crew talks/discus’s/debates if 3D is good or bad after reading a post which can be found here by Walter Murch.  What are your thoughts do you agree or disagree with the crew?  Also will some day our only choice be 3D films or will 2D movies still be around?


Hugo Movie Poster

Hugo Movie Poster

We touch on the movies GOON and Hugo which just hit DVD/Blu-Ray/Digital release.  Whats unique about GOON is how its been marketed and released.  Long story short, it wasn’t picked up by a major US studio right away and ended up being released over in the UK first. It has made its release on many US outlets in the recent last couple months, now available Online through iTunes, March 28th on HDNet Movies and on March 30th in select theaters.  Mike talks about his thoughts on the movie and a little personal hockey history to go along with it.  Q and Mike also touch on HUGO and what they thought of the film and the “PSA” it was putting out at least according to Q.  This is also Martin Scorsese‘s first family film.

A little TV chatter

Walking Dead Season 2 Poster

Walking Dead Season 2 Poster

The crew tops of the show with a little bit of TV news and hopefully some insight into the big events of “The Walking Dead“, if you haven’t seen (Warning Spoilers Ahead) or heard (Warning… Spoilers Ahead) about what happened than you live under a rock as its been spoiled every which way and the other and was already known to happen due to the graphics novel’s storyline which the show is taken from.

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EftRou – 152: Of Motorcycles and OSCARS

The crew returns for yet another episode filling your brain with entertainment news!  To kick things off the crew talks some potential TV cancellations then we roll on into Shady The Bikers review of Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengence, last but certainly not least we share our thoughts on the OSCARS.


TV Cancellation rumors

Fringe Poster

Fringe Cast

Q & I are huge fans of 2 FOX TV shows that potentially could be facing the axe.  If you haven’t seen FRINGE or Alcatraz your doing your self a disservice.  The reason I say this is both of these shows are very creative and mysterious without having to go over people’s heads that aren’t into Sci-Fi/Drama.  With viewership on the decline for both shows, FOX doesn’t see why it should continue producing the shows. Instead they mar replace both shows with something that has a bit more reality (Which seems to be all we have on TV now).  I don’t have to many shows I enjoy and have dedicated myself to these to shows. I feel losing either of these shows now would be a huge mis-step on FOX’s part.

Ghost Rider

So Shady decided to go see Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance this last weekend and we were hoping for a great review from Shady. Why do you ask, well,  #1 he’s into Motorcycles, #2 he liked the first one, & #3 he wouldn’t stop talking about the trailer when it came out a few months ago.  Find out his thoughts and opinion of the latest installment from the Ghost Rider franchise.

Billy is back!

Billy Crystal Returns to Host

Billy Crystal Returns to Host

I think everyone was re-leaved when the news hit a few months ago that Billy Crystal was indeed going to return to the hosting duties of the OSCARS.  I even was more excited when I saw the trailer for the OSCARS called “The Host”, which made me feel that this was going to blow away all expectations. We take time to talk about some of the highlights and low lights and all the fun stuff in between plus go over our OSCAR predictions from last weeks episode (if you haven’t heard it go here first).

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EftRou 147: The Triple Threat….

Greetings were back in action this week with another jam-packed episode of entertainment goodness!  We start with some boobtube babble about J.J. Abrams’ next tv adventure Alcatraz then switch to a double feature of red tails and Haywire. Kick back and enjoy this weeks episode!


JJ’s next big thing….

So shortly after Alias and LOST hit the airwaves, J.J. Abrams became a household name and Hollywood powerhouse almost overnight. In the last few years he has produced many shows and movies including FRINGE, Person of Interest (Golden Globe winner best new drama) and the 2009 reboot of the once thought dead Star Trek franchise and the fantastic Super 8 this last summer. This latest adventure has us diving into the lore of “Alcatraz” which puts a twist onto one America’s most famous prisons. The idea is that Alcatraz never shut down but instead an event occurred that made all the prisoners and staff simply vanish. Fast forward to 2012 and now those same criminals and staff are starting to appear unannounced with no signs of aging or how or why they have come back. The crew chats about what they like and didn’t like from the 2 hour premier event.

Feature flicks: Red Tails & Haywire

Q and I both decided to see different flicks this week. Q went with Red Tails, which is the story about the Tuskegee airmen.  The story follows the famous fighter pilots’ struggle to gain respect and equality from fellow Airmen of the time.  The movie showcases how well he Tuskegee airmen did in protecting many valuable bombers during the war. The airmen also proved that they were the best of the best despite what many had said about them.  The film stars Terrence HowardCuba Gooding Jr.,and David Oyelowo.

I choose to go with the latest film from famed director Steven Soderbergh called haywire which has been touted by others as the female version of the Jason Bourne series. Instead this movie is much, much more than that it’s a launching pad for MMA fighter Gina Carano‘s new found fame and potential career in Hollywood. The premise is surrounding a job that Gina’s character does for her employer and the state department,  covertly of course off the books. As with any thriller the typical betrayal and duplicity are present but not in the same formula as we have seen before. Soderbergh works his magic with flashbacks and scenes woven into the story that give you a sense of history with the various characters.  This film has a stellar set of actors that make this even more fun to watch including: Ewan McGregor, Antonio Banderas, Michael Douglas, Channing Tatum and a great as always Michael Fassbender (who has a great bare knuckles fight with Carano).