EftRou 163: waterboarding for all…


Greetings fans thanks for listening, as always.  This week the crew chats about Safe House on DVD & Blu-Ray as well as our thoughts on those after credits scenes appearing in big movies.  Myself and Mike hijacking the show to chat up about Joel Kinneman and The Killing Season 2 Finale!


DVD Review

Denzel Washington in Safe House

Denzel Washington in Safe House

Mike and Q took some time this last week to pickup Safe House (2012) staring Denzel WashingtonRyan Reynolds Vera Farmiga and Robert Patrick.  Safe House centers around CIA agent Matt Weston (Ryan Reynolds) who is tasked with looking after a fugitive. But when his safe house is attacked, Weston finds himself on the run with his charge Tobin Frost (Denzel Washington). Find out why Mike wasn’t confused during this spy movie, like he has been in the past.  We also talk about past Denzel Washington films and make an interesting discovery.

After credits scenes

After Credits Scene #2 From The Avengers

After Credits Scene #2 From The Avengers

We’ve been chatting amongst ourselves about what we like and don’t like about these fun scenes that producers and directors sneak in.  Some examples are the bloopers from Horrible Bosses, the after, after credits scene from The Avengers and all of the past Marvel Iron Man, Thor, & Hulk films.  We all take turns sharing our favorite after credit scenes and in the process take time to discuss if these are even needed.

Show hijacked

In a bit of spontaneous-ness both Mike and I hijack the show to discuss TNT’s, The Killing. Joel Kinnaman (The Killing star) makes a noticeable wardrobe choice in Safe House (2012) the we just had to mention.

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