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A review of The Social Network

This week on the show Dano from steps in to help out. Besides reviewing this week’s feature flick movie ‘The Social Network‘ Q and Dano also talk some Biggest Loser and The Castle Rock Film Festival. Be sure to listen in as Q talks about the performance that Justin Timberlake and Jesse Eisenberg along with

Facebook Movie Poster

The Scocial Network - Columbia TriStar Motion Picture Group

Andrew Garfield prorating the founders for the hottest online social network out there, Facebook.


money, money, money, money…

A review of The Apprentice & the movie Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

Review of the Apprentice on NBC

NBC's the Apprentice

Review of Wall Street

20th Century Fox

In this week’s netcast the crew of Entertainment for the Rest of and the hosts of Bigg Success review two business related entertainment shows.  First the gang will discuss, review and share their thoughts about the 2010 Fall season of The Apprentice staring Donald Trump on NBC. Then the entire crew takes on Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps staring Michael Douglas and Shia LaBeour they will discuss, review and share what they thought of this new movie by Oliver Stone.

So sit back and enjoy another entertaining episode of EftRoU, show number 83! Rock on team, and thank you once again to our listeners.  We as a cast really do appreciate all the time and effort you put in to this show!!!


where’s shady gone too…

I can’t believe it, no Shady and no Na.  Thank god there are fantastic people in the world like Dano from the hit podcast to help out.

This week Dano and Q discuss two very different films but yet still entertaining.  “Easy A” staring Emma Stone and the movie “The Town” with Mr. triple threat himself (writer, director & actor) Ben Affleck.

Be sure to listen in and leave us a comment to tell us what you think.

Also for all those fans that read this post: check out the following link Ellen Mosaic.  See if you can find the @EntForTheRest Twitter avatar.  If you find it send Q an email telling him where the avatar is and he will send you some Fandago bucks.

Enjoy the listen!


Men vs. Women…


New Line Productions

Happy holiday folks! Thank you for taking the time to listen to our netcast. We tired not to miss a beat during this wonderful Labor Day weekend.

This week on the show: Dano Manion, from, jumps in to help out. Plus to help class up the joint Q’s and Dano’s better half join the show to give us the female perspective.  Thank goodness they were here.

Only one movie this week. “Going the Distance” staring Drew Barrymore and Justin Long along with Charlie Day (from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia)  & Jason Sudeikis (from Saturday Night Live).

Sit back in your easy chair and enjoy…


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