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A review of The Social Network

This week on the show Dano from steps in to help out. Besides reviewing this week’s feature flick movie ‘The Social Network‘ Q and Dano also talk some Biggest Loser and The Castle Rock Film Festival. Be sure to listen in as Q talks about the performance that Justin Timberlake and Jesse Eisenberg along with

Facebook Movie Poster

The Scocial Network - Columbia TriStar Motion Picture Group

Andrew Garfield prorating the founders for the hottest online social network out there, Facebook.


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Castle Rock Film Festival

Courtesy of CRFF

So this week we are privilege to have a guest in studio.  Mr. Tim Gallagher, the Director of Castle Rock Film Festival joins Shady and Q to discuss and share what the festival has to offer. Thank you Tim for sharing with us.  Can’t wait to attend the 2nd annual Castle Rock Film Festival.

Also on the show, the boys discuss their thoughts about the Fall 2010 TV line up. See what the guys are looking forward too and what TV shows are not going to make the cut.


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Q & Na had the honor to broadcast live from the inaugural Castle Rock Film Festival “Trailer Park” Meet and Greet.  This was the kick-off event for the annual festival.

Listen in as Q & Na talk to Miss Colorado Katie Layman, Mike Gage a film maker from Utah and a special guest.

If you missed the live broadcast click the link below.


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This week we’re joined by Tim Gallagher, Director of the first annual Castle Rock Film Festival. This sounds like quite an event and it’s going down Spetember 11-13. Check out their site for more info.

Once things calmed down, we got down to the business of reviewing, as we’ve been known to do… We discussed The Soloist, I love you, man, and our Feature Flick, GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra.