EftRoU 159: Hungry Games and Robots, a fight to the death…

This week the crew gets hungry for The Hunger Games, we touch on the book and compare how different the movie seems to be.  We also talk a little about two Robot themed shows coming our way. So, sit back and enjoy another great EftRoU.


Feature Flick

Hunger Games Movie Poster Katniss

Hunger Games Movie Poster Katniss

We kick this week’s show off by doing something we haven’t done in a long time, a movie review… The Hunger Games (2012).  If you haven’t heard about the The Hunger Games (Wikipedia), you’ve been under a rock, it’s the first book of three written by Suzanne Collins and takes place after an unknown apocalyptic event. The basic idea… to help keep the peace and to remind citizen of a time that was much worse the leaders pit young men and women against each other in a fight to the death. Nice right! The film stars rising star Jennifer Lawrence (X-Men: First Class, Winters Bone), Josh HutchersonElizabeth Banks (40-Year old virgin, The Next 3 Days) as well as many others, including a solid performance by Woody Harrelson.  Most people probably won’t catch the surprisingly good performance by musician Lenny Kravitz, we did.  The crew and I took some time to share our thoughts about what was missing in the movie. Listen in to see if we thought the movie held up to what was in the book.

Thief of Thieves

Our resident expert, Mike, helps us out with getting the background on a new AMC show called “The Thief of Thieves”. It’s a new show based on a comic book. Now you see why we needed Mike’s help. As you all know we enjoy us some comics and once again Mike helps us get it right.

Robots and Reboots

Jamie Hyneman

Jamie Hyneman

Next the crew dives into the world of Robots and Reality TV… this time being brought to us by James Cameron.  Cameron will produce a weekly series called RoboGedon, similar to Battle Bots & Robot Wars.  Both of those shows featured competitors facing off in a fight to the death against other robots (Kinda got a theme running with this episode). We take some time to talk about Jamie Hyneman’s, of Mythbusters fame, Blendo robot and the show RobotWars featuring Grant Imahara’s Deadblow.  Q and I are looking forward to seeing this show and are hoping they bring back some of these guys whose careers obviously haven’t deviated to far from where it all began.

And last but not least its time for another reboot, this time… Short Circuit (1986).  A more menacing “Johnny 5” has been proposed by director Tim Hill. Check out the article here.  Q is excited about a more “Menacing” Johnny 5 and I’m still crying about another part of my childhood being remade. As Q says I need to get over it, plus he calls me old.

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EftRoU 157: SyFy’s Identity Crisis…


This week we welcome Tapeleg from The Rink Podcast to lay some hockey science on us as well as share his entertainment prowess. The regular crew minus Shady are also in studio to discuss a new reality TV show on SyFy called Dream Machines, The TV show Comic Book Men, some NHL Hockey playoffs and Square Ross provides a review of the movie Comic Con.


BoobTube Babble:

Dream Machines

Dream Machines on SyFy

As most of you know I love me some reality TV, well TV in general. If you didn’t know just check out out my bio on our cast page. Any way we discuss a new show on the SyFy channel called Dream Machines. The conversation changes quickly in to how SyFy has lost it’s way.

In addition to Dream Machine we also talk about the AMC show Comic Book Men. During this discussion we learn that Tapeleg has a passion for comics and Mike is a bigger fan of the podcast than the TV show. Listen in and find out what I think of this show.

Video on Demand Review:

The Team Behind Comic Con A Fans Hope

The Team Behind Comic Con A Fans Hope

If you recall we discussed the documentary Comic Con on last week’s show. We are all excited to see this one but so far only Square Ross took the time to rent it and watch. See what he thinks of this movie and find out if you can follow the rat whole we go down. It’s lots of fun for all…

NHL Hockey playoffs:

Hockey Faceoff

Hockey Faceoff

As I mentioned above Tapeleg joined us on this episode to share is expertise as the host of ‘The Rink Podcast’. The crew and I share our predictions as to who will win in the first round. We also had some fun to help Square out by making some interesting analogies between Sci-Fi characters and the hockey teams in the playoffs. Let us know if any of these analogies are accurate or helpful.

I also made a reference to Tim Thomas’s credit card commercial, check it out by watching below:

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EftRoU 132: silent shady…

It’s that time again… on this week’s episode we bring something a little different and new to the show, plus we review the feature flick The Ides of March. We touch on some hockey and a bit of controversy around DC’s New 52.


Points of Interest:

Listen in as Mike describes the opening night of the Winnipeg Jets and what it was like to be there. We then address this post on Comic Alliance.  We give a lot of credit to these folks for creating content that we just had to talk about. During this segment we mention two other websites that are a must read. One is the one Mike has written for called EatSleepGeek and the other is MajorSpoilers. Check-um out and let us know what you think by leaving a comment.


TV, Movies, Video Games, DVD

EftRoU - Media Mogul

The new segment that I alluded to above is called EftRoU Media Mogul Fantasy League. We plan on having four seasons each year of the league and the point is to see who know more about media. Each of us will pick from movies, TV shows, video games and new DVDs. During this segment we kicked off with the first two rounds of the Media Mogul draft. In the first round Mike picked The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1, Shady’s pick was Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, Square Ross went with The Muppets, and I picked Battlefield 3. Listen in to see what else we pick in round two. We will also post all our other picks in a later plus the results spreadsheet for the world to see. Look for that to come later.

Feature Flick:

Ides of March movie

Cross Creek Pictures

The Ides of March stars George Clooney, not only does he star in this movie he also directors it and did some writing. The Ides of March is based on the play “Farragut North” by Beau Willimon. It’s about a dreamy campaign staffer for a new presidential candidate who receives a crash course about dirty politics. Other stars in The Ides of March include Ryan Gosling, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Paul Giamatti, Marisa Tomei, Jeffrey Wright and Evan Rachel Wood. Listen in and see what we think of this movie. After you hear our thoughts tell us what you think by leaving a comment.

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EftRoU 122: comicxtravaganza…

It looks like you found your way to Entertainment for the Rest of Us, the site where we review everything leisurely. This week the cast and crew tries something a little different. For those of you who are comic book fans this is old news. However for those EftRoU fans that are more of a movie watcher or TV viewer this episode is going to make you think. We discuss the Marvel Civil War, some ComicCon stuff and the movie Captain America.


Points of interest:



So if you didn’t know this big festival of sorts that takes place every year in San Diego called ComicCon. Mike (EatSleepGeek.com) goes every year. So the crew thought we would ask him a few questions about his trip. It sounds much different from the one you hear about on Twitter, Facebook and news reports. On a side note EatSleepGeek.com has a new writer (Rob R.), check out his guide to summer conferences.



Marvel Civil War

Marvel Civil War

During the catchall segment most of the crew discusses a classic, okay I don’t know if it is classic, story about the Marvel Universe. In this series of comic books we find superhero against superhero, as the government works to get handle on all the super humans out their. It ends up dividing the Marvel Universe and you will want to pick sides. So sit back and enjoy as we discuss this great story.

By the way, please support the arts by going out and buying the trade back of this story. Search around for your local comic book shop and be sure to ask the clerk about the story. See what they think and compare it to what we think. Also feel free to let us know what your thoughts by leaving us comment.

Feature Flick:

Captain America

Marvel Entertainment - Captain America

Sticking with the comic book theme, this week’s feature flick is Captain America: The First Avenger. For those non-comic book readers this movie is about a young man who wants to serve his country and deemed unfit. Finally Steve Rogers gets to volunteer for a secret project that turns him into Captain America. This movie stars; Chris Evans (as Captain America), Hayley Atwell, Sebastian Stan, Tommy Lee Jones, Hugo Weaving and Stanley Tucci. Let me tell you, this is a must see film in the theaters, but don’t just take my word for it. Listen in to the crew and see what they think. Also be sure to check out the review Jess wrote.

Thanks again for stopping by. Towards the end of the show you hear a reference to our review of Thor and how Mike is concerned about the acting prowess of some starts compare to the others in the upcoming Avengers movie. After you listen to this episode be sure to go back and listen to our discussion for Thor.

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