A Music Review of “Speak Now” by Taylor Swift…

Big Machine Records 2010

Lets face it, there is a lot of talent in the music industry out there. Sometimes so much that it is hard to catch everything without feeling like you have missed something. Its amazing how many artists begin their careers so young and do so well in the music industry. Taylor Swift is one of these artists, who starting off at a young age, and after three releases is already a big star.

I am generally not a big fan of country music, and that is probably one of the genres that it has been hard for me to get into. I will however say that there is a couple of artists in the genre that I do like, and deserve attention. Taylor does a great job at blending country and pop music into a sound that makes it very easy to enjoy on some level.

Taylor is back with her brand new release Speak Now. The title of the album really reflects not only her own voice, but her growth as an artist. Her first single off the album “Be Mine” has a very similar vibe to some of her other hits like “Love Story” or “Fifteen.”  It is a catchy, but basic song with a good melody, and lyrics. Other songs on the album such as “Sparks Fly” and “Back to December” reflect this same vibe. I think where she really through me for a loop were with songs like “Mean” and “Better than Revenge.” Mean though a well written and truthful song reflects an attitude from Taylor that we haven’t seen before, as even more so does Revenge. Revenge has a vibrant rock feel to it, and almost reminds me of Katy Perry in a way, this is definitely a heavier style for Taylor and one at which I think she did a great job with. Not only was it unexpected but a success in my eyes.

The album consists of 14 songs, and I don’t think there is one song on there which I disliked or got bored with. As a matter of fact, after getting this album I went back and listened to her last album Fearless and realized that album was also starting to grow on me more along with the new album.

Speak Now is a great album which talks about things people may see or feel everyday. There is at least one song someone can relate too from a period in their life at one point or another, if not more than one song. I think if Taylor continues on the path she is, she will continue to grow not only as an artist but also expand her fan base even more than she already has. Excellent job Taylor and crew!

I give it FOUR out of FIVE Stars.