This week, we invited Intern Zach for G-Force (the redux), partied hard with the guys in The Hangover, and everyone learned something from Invictus, during our Feature Flick slice of the show. We tempted fate by taking a couple live callers on Skype.

All in all, a solid effort, no?



Shady! Need I say more?!

Oh, I do? Ok…

We’ve got Dillon’s Dialogue, a music review, a restaurant review, listener feedback, another round of American Throttle, Boob Tube Babble and a Feature Flick!




You know what they say about working live? “Never work with kids or animals”. We couldn’t find any animals, so we had a couple kids on the show this week, daring sort that we are. Our own Intern Zach joins us for a short chat about the new Pixar flick, Up. We also intro a new segment called, “Dillon’s Dialogue”. Dillon is a 5-year old friend of the show, we bring him on and let him go… There’s no way that could go poorly, right?

Other topics on this week’s show include, the Fox show Lie to Me and our Feature Flick is The Proposal.