EftRoU 164: Square goes to see Brave…

On this weeks show we touch on a couple of feature flicks that are in theaters now. First, Square Ross shares some thoughts about Brave and then Mike and I talk about Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Enjoy the conversation and be sure to let us know what you think of these two films.


 Feature Flick #1:

Brave movie reveiw

Brave from Pixar Animation Studios

In Brave, Merida is a skilled archer & daughter of King Fergus. Bent to form her own path in life, Merida defies custom and inadvertently unleash chaos in the kingdom. When she turns to a Wise Woman for help, she’s granted an ill-fated wish. Listen in as Square tells us why we should, or should not, see this film. Tell us what you think of Brave by leaving a comment below or on our Facebook fan page.

Feature Flick #2:

Movie reveiw of Abraham Lincoln-Vampire Hunter

Twentieth Century Fox – Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

While Square went to go see Brave, Mike and I went to go see a more manly movie, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Based on a novel written by  Seth Grahame-Smith this movie is about President Abraham Lincoln preserving the Union and freeing the slaves. Not in the way that our history books have taught us, but instead Lincoln is motivated to fight against the forces of the undead. As a boy he saw his mother being killed by the hands of vampires. He makes it his life’s work to rid our nation of vampires. Find out if we liked this film and if it’s worth seeing in the theaters.

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EftRoU 99: i’m convinced…

Welcome back to our little blog and podcast here on the Internet. We have lots to share from just two guys getting together to and talking about everything leisurely. This week on Entertainment for the Rest of Us, Shady and I talk about a DVD, the Oscars, a motorcycle show and a feature flick.

Catchall Segment

During the catchall segment Shady and I talk about the 83rd Academy Awards nominations, or as we call them the Oscars. We mainly talk about the best picture nominations. We also talk about how we need to get to the theaters and see all these best pictures. Let us know if you have seen all 10 of the films nominated for the 83rd annual Academy Awards.

DV-Debrief Segment

Secretaiat Movie

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Shady and I were quit surprised with this week’s DV-Debrief. We went to our local Blockbusters and picked up the newly released Secretariat. If you haven’t seen this film yet you need to. It is the true story of the greatest racehorse ever (at least of this posting the best racehorse ever). It stars Diane Lave as Peggy Chenery, the owner of Secretariat. Listen in and then let us know if you agree if this is a must see movie by leaving a comment of two below.

Convince ME Segment

The Rite

New Line Cinema

Instead of a feature flick segment we thought we would try something a little different. So Shady went to the Colorado Motorcycle Show and Swap to try and convince me to go next time it is in town. See if he convinces me to go or not.

What I decided to is go see the movie The Rite, staring Anthony Hopkins and Colin O’Donoghue. This film is about an American priest who goes to Rome to attend an exorcism school and learns much, much more. Listen in and see if I convince Shady to go see this film in the theaters.

Let us know what you think of the show or if we convinced you to go see any of these films, by leaving a comment. Until next time…



But only the end bits… Q tried his hand at using the swears and wields them handily, says I.

What caused this outburst of vulgarity? INCEPTION, M***er F***er!!! You need to see it. Seriously! We also talked about Sorcerer’s Apprentice and how much fun magic can be.

Other things you need to check out: VOTE FOR OUR MASCOT, Q the Writer!

See ya next week for TWO SHOWS!!