A Must See Movie of 2014 – The Monuments Men


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Now for my first of three reviews within 30 minutes…

Ever since I saw the first trail for “The Monuments Men” I was hooked. I know it is based on a true story from WWII, but that didn’t stop me from wanting to see it. It also reminded me a bit of “Ocean’s Eleven”, which made me even more excited.

If you haven’t heard about this movie here is a little background. “The Monuments Men” is a true story of the greatest artifact hunt of modern time. Its focus is on an unlikely World War II squadron, which goes into Germany to rescue artistic masterpieces from Nazis and return them to their rightful owners. The question is, while they need to go behind enemy lines, how are these guys (seven museum directors, curators, and art historians) all more familiar with Michelangelo than with weapons possibly have any hope to succeed? They will risk their lives to protect and defend mankind’s greatest achievements.

Well now I have seen it, and I am still in. It was a great movie with a good story. I have so many positive things to say, the acting, the story telling, the directing, the humor and the pacing, they’re all good things.

I am not sure where I should start… okay I got it. Although this is a dramatic movie with a very serious tone I can’t help but enjoy how the script and the acting made it fun. The one-liners given by Bill Murray, George Clooney and John Goodman are placed at just the right time to lighten the mood and create a greater connection to the characters.

As for the cast, first; George Clooney is all over this movie. He helped produce this movie and write the screenplay. He’s also one of the stars and the director. I would think he was quick busy and passionate about this film, and his passion shines through. Let’s just run through the cast. The star studded cast includes the following: Cate Blanchett, Matt Damon, Bill Murray, John Goodman, Jean Dujardin, Hugh Bonneville, and Bob Balaban. Each of these actors are great on their own, and as an ensemble they work wonderfully together. What I liked about each performance was how they pulled me into a moment where I felt alone with each person, it made me want to learn more about each character. In addition each actor did not pull focus from the other, they provided just the right amount of support and it is fantastic. I wish this movie was not so early in year, I am afraid it will be forgotten by the time award season comes around.

I went to see this movie with my dad, and what felt really odd was that he and I appeared to be the youngest people in the theater. That brings me to the fact this is a true story of men who truly believed in preserving the rich history of mankind and the accomplishments we made. I really liked the story telling and how it was portrayed on the big screen, when the movie ended the audience clapped. In my mind that is a good sign as this filmed appealed to an older audience as well as to myself. I can’t wait to see this movie again. I may even have to do some more research to learn more about what happen during this time and the art before I see this movie again.

Although this is not a big action movie with a lot of special effects or visual effects I say go see it in the theater. As I mentioned before the acting is great, the story is enlightening and this film has real heart. I even found myself choking up a few times.

I give this movie 4.75 ‘size 11 boots’ out of 5. Please support the arts and go see this movie.

As I mentioned above this is one of three movies I saw over the weekend. Check out my review of the classic Kevin Smith joint, ‘DOGMA’ and the new release ‘The LEGO Movie’.

EftRoU 165: Q and Mike no Square…

While you listen to this week’s episode you will notice that there are only two EftRoU crew members. Square had to take the day off due to a wild weekend in Las Vegas. So Mike and I talk about our top 5 movie characters that we would like to hang with and share some thoughts about the DVD, The Artist.


Top Five Movie Characters:

A couple of weeks ago we came up with an idea. “What if you had the chance to hang out with any movie character, who would you hang out with and what would you do with them?” We thought it was such a great topic that we are sharing the discussion with you on this very episode. Listen in and find out who we choose. Also tell us who you would hang with. Share it right here on our website or on our FanPage on Facebook.


The Artist on DVD

Weinstein Company – The Artist

For those of you who saw my QQR you know that I saw The Artist on DVD. Well, Mike watched it was well. So, just for you here is our discussion. In case you missed it The Artist, it’s about a silent movie star who struggles with the idea of making talking pictures. But finds a sparks in a young actress by the name of Peppy Miller who lights up talkies like no one else. Find out what we think of this Academy Award winning film. (By the way it’s a silent movie.)

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EftRou 161: Fire Fighters, Vetrinarians, Mindy Kaling

So this week it was just back to Q and I.  We thought with all the big Network up fronts (basically FOX, NBC etc showing off to advertisers what is coming this fall) we should talk about our thoughts of some of the upcoming shows.  Also we kick things off with the Avengers bill for destroying/saving New York.  Sit back turn it up and enjoy the latest episode!


Avengers destruction.

Avengers Assemble an expensive mess...

Avengers Assemble an expensive mess...

So I was reading this the other day and thought it to be rather humorous as well as an excellent topic to talk about with Q as well as get our fans thoughts.  Long story short, the Avengers battle comes to about $160 Billion dollars and is considered an act of God, or as I put it “Puny God”.

Boobtube Babble

Mindy Kaling Project

Mindy Kaling Project

Its that wonderful time of the year loved (or hated) by TV fans and advertisers – renewal time.  This year especially is proving to be a unique as many shows are either getting the axe after 8-9 years or have just run the course and its time to move on.  Right now is the time of the year in which most fans like Q and myself hope that some of our beloved shows get picked up (As of this writing FRINGE, Community, Parenthood and others that are our faves made the cut).  While advertisers get to start picking out which shows they are going to back financially for ad placement.  We chat a little about a few of our picks and touch back an episode not long ago where Q and I made some predictions about what we thought would last and what we thought would fail.  Listen in here and tell us your thoughts on what we got right but also tell us if you think we’re right again with our latest picks.

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EftRou 150: Captivated and Smitten….

This week it’s just Q and Square talking Grammy’s and some other odds and ends from the entertainment world, including the preview release of Star Trek: The Next Generation on Blu-Ray, The reboot/re-imagining of the Green Arrow character for the new CW Series “Arrow” and more.  So kick back and enjoy this episode.


Odds and Ends

So to start things off we talk a little Green Arrow and the CW’s new take on it with an upcoming TV series titled appropriately “Arrow”.  The series is going to go a different direction than they did with Justin Hartley‘s “Oliver Queen” in fact it’s not being produced by the creators of Smallville or featuring any of the actors that were in Smallville (2001).  Instead the producers of the Green Lantern (2011) (or as I called it the Green Lanturd  awhile back by mistake) will be producing this new series.  The show is going to be more Jason Bourne esquie and will star Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen, Katie Cassidy as Dinah ‘Laurel’ Lance aka Black Canary and Susanna Thompson playing Moira Queen.  Q and I agree this sounds good and are looking forward to seeing this new show.

Space the final frontier….

Side by side comparison of the Blu-Ray upgrade

Side by side comparison of the Blu-Ray upgrade

Recently I got my hands on the newly released Blu-Ray preview of what will sure to be a must have for “Star Trek: The Next Generation”fans.  CBS/Paramount recently went into the vaults and masterfully begun the tedious process of restoring all of the TNG (The Next Generation) episodes and sound/audio/effects/etc for the shows anniversary this year.  What I’m most impressed with is the quality of this 3 episode set including the Pilot, The award-winning and fan favorite “The Inner Light” and the 2-part “Sins of the Father”.  I’d have to say this was well worth the $17 I spent. I’m looking forward to seeing more episodes later on this spring/summer from the remastered series.


The Grammys


Adele with her new golden babies

Q had the opportunity to watch the Grammy awards and see the performances as well as the winners and losers.  In fact I think Q is quite smitten with Adele and her vocal talents.  I’d have to agree with this as she had me hooked with her previous album 19.  This year she swept the Grammy’s with her new album 21 which you can find the review here.  The show however had a more somber tone than most years as Whitney Houston died a day before the Grammy’s.  Q talks about other musical acts as well as his thoughts on music in general.

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EftRou 147: The Triple Threat….

Greetings were back in action this week with another jam-packed episode of entertainment goodness!  We start with some boobtube babble about J.J. Abrams’ next tv adventure Alcatraz then switch to a double feature of red tails and Haywire. Kick back and enjoy this weeks episode!


JJ’s next big thing….

So shortly after Alias and LOST hit the airwaves, J.J. Abrams became a household name and Hollywood powerhouse almost overnight. In the last few years he has produced many shows and movies including FRINGE, Person of Interest (Golden Globe winner best new drama) and the 2009 reboot of the once thought dead Star Trek franchise and the fantastic Super 8 this last summer. This latest adventure has us diving into the lore of “Alcatraz” which puts a twist onto one America’s most famous prisons. The idea is that Alcatraz never shut down but instead an event occurred that made all the prisoners and staff simply vanish. Fast forward to 2012 and now those same criminals and staff are starting to appear unannounced with no signs of aging or how or why they have come back. The crew chats about what they like and didn’t like from the 2 hour premier event.

Feature flicks: Red Tails & Haywire

Q and I both decided to see different flicks this week. Q went with Red Tails, which is the story about the Tuskegee airmen.  The story follows the famous fighter pilots’ struggle to gain respect and equality from fellow Airmen of the time.  The movie showcases how well he Tuskegee airmen did in protecting many valuable bombers during the war. The airmen also proved that they were the best of the best despite what many had said about them.  The film stars Terrence HowardCuba Gooding Jr.,and David Oyelowo.

I choose to go with the latest film from famed director Steven Soderbergh called haywire which has been touted by others as the female version of the Jason Bourne series. Instead this movie is much, much more than that it’s a launching pad for MMA fighter Gina Carano‘s new found fame and potential career in Hollywood. The premise is surrounding a job that Gina’s character does for her employer and the state department,  covertly of course off the books. As with any thriller the typical betrayal and duplicity are present but not in the same formula as we have seen before. Soderbergh works his magic with flashbacks and scenes woven into the story that give you a sense of history with the various characters.  This film has a stellar set of actors that make this even more fun to watch including: Ewan McGregor, Antonio Banderas, Michael Douglas, Channing Tatum and a great as always Michael Fassbender (who has a great bare knuckles fight with Carano).