2010 in review…

In this weeks episode of Entertainment for the Rest of Us the crew discusses their likes and dislikes of 2010.

Kill Shakespeare

Kill Shakespeare Issue #1 cover, IDW Publishing

CD Guitar Heaven

2010 Carlos Santana

Listen in as Dano from AndyVsDano.com and Mike from EatSleepGeek.com share movies they enjoyed and hated. Plus David joins the team again to share his thoughts. (If you forgot David is one of our fans that joined the show to help out. You may see more of him in 2011.)  The Moderator, Shady and Q also join in to dwell on the past of 2010 with the guests.

Here are the topics discussed on the show: Break out stars, Best TV shows of 201o that we started watching or are still watching. The Best and Worst movies of 2010.  Take a look at the photos and listen to find out if they are in the best or worst category.

Review of Skyline

Universal Pictures

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controlling all these knobs…

Memorable moments in music and a review of 2001 classic Kubrick

In this weeks episode of Entertainment for the Rest of Us we introduce a new segment we are calling “Memorable Moments…”

In this segment the EftRoU crew (and we mean crew, The Moderator, Mike, Dano, Shady the Biker, Warren, plus Shady brings a fan David Veal and Q) discuss memorable moments in music. They share stories about songs that had an impact on them in their youth. Listen in as Q’s tries to control all these knobs and find out why these songs had such an impact on them.

2001 - A Kubrick Classic

Warner Bros. (1968)

Also on the show this week the crew tries to tackle a Retro DV-Debrief. They discuss the classic Kubrick movie “2001: A Space Odyssey“. Listen in as the old guys defend this movie to the young guys and find out what Dano really thinks of this film. On a side note here is a little extra review from Dano, Obama Mission Control: A Space Odyssey.


something different…

Okay the the gang at EftRoU decided to try something a little different.

This week Shady, Mike (from EatSleepGeek.com) and Q make some bold NFL predictions. In case you don’t want listen to the whole show look at the end of this post to see their picks.

Also on the show this week: a CD review of The Steve Miller Band’s album ‘Bingo‘ as well as a feature flick discussion ‘Takers‘.


Now for the bold predictions. The guys pick the top division leaders and a super bowl winner.


East: Q and Mike picked the New York Jets while Shady picked the New England Patriots

North: Q picked the Baltimore Ravens, Shady picked the Cincinnati Bengals and Mike went with the Pittsburgh Steelers

South: All three guys went with the Houston Texans

West: Q and Shady went against their own home state and picked the San Diego Chargers and Mike decided to pick the shows home state team, the Denver Broncos


East: Q and Mike picked the New York Giants while Shady picked the Washington Redskins (which confused Mike)

North: Q picked the Chicago Bears while Mike and Shady went with the Green Bay Packers

South: Q and Mike picked the Atlanta Falcons and Shady decided to go with the New Orleans Saints

West: Q and Shady picked the San Francisco 49ers and Mike went with the Arizona Cardinals

And for the big time predictions Super Bowl XLV

Q picks the Jets to win over the Bears

Shady picks the Packers over the Chargers

Mike picks the Vikings over the Ravens

Mike fills in…

Hello boys and girls, ‘Q’ here! It looks like I get to do the post two week in a row!

Scott Pilgrim VS the World

Universal Pictures - Scott Pilgrim VS The World

Na had to step out due to life… you know what they say “Stuff Happens!” You are more than welcome to replace the word “stuff” with what ever word you feel is more appropriate.

On the show this week Mike, from EatSleepGeek.com, will be playing the part of Na. We talk about the the movie “The Expendables” as well as the flick “Scott Pilgrim VS the World“.

Enjoy the big time show!


Kill Shakespeare Review

Okay I know that Mike from EatSleepGeek.com is the one that does this comic book review but I thought I would try my hand at it.  If all goes well I might do more of them.  Sit back and enjoy the ride.

Earlier this year, in April of 2010, a revolution started! The release of ‘Kill Shakespeare’ hit the stores.  You may ask what is ‘Kill Shakespeare’? It is a great new comic book created by writers Conor McCreery & Anthony Del Col, illustrated by Andy Belanger and published by IDW.  On the ‘Kill Shakespeare’ website, they describe the comic as “An epic adventure that pits Shakespeare’s greatest heroes against his most frightening villains.” Don’t let that description scare you off if you are not familiar with Shakespeare’s work (I sure ain’t).  All you really need to know is that there are good guys and bad guys and they fight for power!

Kill Shakespeare
Kill Shakespeare Issue #1 cover, IDW Publishing

This format is a revolutionary way to present Shakespeare’s stories and characters. I wish these comic books were assigned when I was in school. I would have been more interested in Shakespeare. Maybe you were assigned to read at least one of his plays in school or you’ve attended some festival or theater in park and are familiar with some of the memorable characters created by Shakespeare.  What is so great about ‘Kill Shakespeare’ is that if you have not read or seen any of the plays, you will be introduced to these characters in a way that is not only unique, but also entertaining.

The plot lines are strong and after only three issues it feels “epic” to me, as the creators assert. In the first issue, we are introduced to Hamlet the Shadow King as well as King Richard the III.  We learn that Hamlet is to begin a quest to resurrect his dead father. However, there’s a catch. He needs to find and kill a wizard named Shakespeare in order to bring his father back from the dead. The concept of finding the wizard Shakespeare and pitting some of the bard’s most recognizable characters against each other is extraordinary.  After reading the first couple of pages I was hooked and just had to keep reading.  Once I finished the third issue I felt like an Olympic track star at the starting blocks waiting for the next issue to hit the shelves.

The artwork complements the story well. It is brilliant, I tell you! If you are not familiar with comics you will find this to not only be beautifully drawn but bright and vivid, even though a muted color palette is used. Belanger’s drawings are fantastic and he does a wonderful job of enhancing McCreery & Del Col’s story. The detail in the landscape and characters will stick with you. There is a sense of lighting in the artwork that makes it feel like you are really part of the story and right there with the characters during the battles and conversations.

If you have been away from comics, like I have, for a while, or if you have never read a comic book in your life, go out and purchase ‘Kill Shakespeare’. It is well worth your hard earned money. Bang! The race has started, go to the store now and get your first few issues!

Be sure to catch episode number 76 of Entertainment for the Rest of Us! We will have Anthony Del Col on the show to talk about Kill Shakespeare as well as Kick-Ass (reviewed on show 60) and about comics being made into movies. Plus we will discuss the new movie ‘The Other Guys’.