EftRoU 112: sneaky dingos…

If you didn’t hear our first show of the double dose this week be sure to go back and check it out. We had a lot of fun this week recording two shows in row so be sure your podcatcher get’s them both. For our second show we hit on some memorable moments a list of 42 and the feature flick Thor.


Memorable Moments:

Before we share what this week’s memorable moments, I would like to show the candy that we try from down under. They’re called Musk Sticks here is a picture of the bag. I picked these up as a recommendation from a buddy of mine @dhaucke. See what Shady thinks of these lollies.

Musk Sticks Candy

Lollies from AUS

Okay on to our memorable moments segment. This we take on cartoons that had an impact on us. This is a fun one as we discuss some great classic cartoons and Mike goes on and on about “Race” Bannon from Jonny Quest. We also forget the name of School House Rock for a short bit (I know for shame, for shame). Be sure to tell us what some of your more memorable cartoons you watched as a kid, or even better what cartoons you watch today!

List of 42:

It has been a while since we have done a List of 42. If you recalled we talked about our list of top 42 comedic actors and listed them. We thought it was time to provide another list of 42. This time we give our list of top Summer Blockbusters. (well once again really 10 on the show, there just isn’t enough time to list them all during the show). We will provide the full list in the next few weeks. Look for a post soon.

Feature Flick:

Thor Movie

Paramount Pictures - Thor

For all you comic book fans Thor is in theaters now. This movie is about the God of Thunder and how he was cast out of Asgard to live as a mortal on Earth with the humans. This movie is produced by Marvel Movies, once again be sure to sit around and check out the end (after the credits) so you can see the set up for the upcoming Avengers movie. The cast of characters for this film include Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Tom Hiddleston, Anthony Hopkins, Clark Gregg, Kat Dennings and Stellan Skarsgård.  Tell us what you think of this film after you see it as well as hear our review.