EftRou 160: Mullet Time!

This week we assemble earths mightiest entertainment pundits, well almost mightiest, to take on the challenge of the Avengers. Before we tackle some super heroes we catch up with the crew and play “Name That Movie” (a new game from the mind of ‘Q’) and talk about our upcoming summer movie picks.


Name That Movie

The crew partakes in a fun game called “Name That Movie”. Q toss’s out some movie quotes to find out who knows their movies best. I myself did not fair well but my fellow cast mates did a fine job. I personally think Q gave the moderator some easy ones as well as gave Mike some good hints on a couple of his.  Find out who wins and find out who ultimately goes home with nothing.

Next stop summer films both bad and good.

Prometheus Poster

Prometheus Poster

Being that the summer movie blockbuster season has begun the crew has taken it upon themselves to help you, our fans, with a guide of what to see and not to see this summer. Find out what the crew thinks of some of the upcoming summer flicks. See if our picks surprise you.

Feature Flick: Earth’s mightiest heroes assemble

Maria Hill aka Aunt Robin aka Cobie Smulders

Maria Hill aka Aunt Robin aka Cobie Smulders

It’s taken 4 years but the greatest movie event has arrived, for both comic book fans and non comic book fans. If your not familiar with this film here’s a little back story. At the end credits scene of the first Ironman film Samuel Jackson appears in a quick scene telling Tony Stark about a program called the Avengers initiative. Fast forward 8 different super hero movies later (Thor, Incredible Hulk, Captain America) and we have the Avengers finally assembling into what we felt has set the new standard of comic book films forever (or at least until Avengers 2). Last year the crew touched on some thoughts about this film. In  Episode 122 we chat about Captain America and the Marvel Avengers Civil War Series (Here our prediction on how that will tie into the Avengers movies). In Episode 112, before I was part of the show, the crew talked about the acting ability of some of the actors for the Avengers flick (feel free to fast forward to the 47 minute mark to hear that). Since we had a full crew this week we really get a broad perspective of this film.

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