thank you babble room…

(Good God, ya’ll)
What is it good for?

Well, it makes for a fine EftRoU, that’s for certain. This week we discussed The Marriage Ref and Green Zone, we were joined by our Reality Guru, introduced a new chunk of the show, pimped a new show on called Let’s Talk Dollars with Sense and wrapped up with a super quick mention of Na’s new RC Crawler hobby and a couple guys puttin it down for charity.

This post is LINK-TASTIC!

See ya next week. If you missed the show, here it is, nicely packaged, just for you.


i’m over it…


That’s Q’s opinion. What’s yours? Are you into the resurgence in popularity of the 3D movie, or is it old hat (fez)? Discuss in comments below!

A particularly verbose Intern Zach (on a steeek) called in on today’s show and dropped a little science on Alice in Wonderland. Q ‘n’ Na talked, in their regular guy fashion, about Old Dogs making today’s show a Disney Two-fer.

Check it out!


quit watchin tv…

Hey, y’all (Just thought I’d try it on for size… It doesn’t really work, does it?)

All havok broke loose during today’s show… Well, not really… but it was pretty hectic. Q was out and about leaving Na to work all the gadgets that make the show go. Be that as it may, the boys still talked a little entertainment this eve, covering topics ranging from Vampires to… uh, vampires. True Blood in the Boob Tube Babble, Daybreakers in the Feature Flick.



EftRoU @ CRFF…

Q & Na had the honor to broadcast live from the inaugural Castle Rock Film Festival “Trailer Park” Meet and Greet.  This was the kick-off event for the annual festival.

Listen in as Q & Na talk to Miss Colorado Katie Layman, Mike Gage a film maker from Utah and a special guest.

If you missed the live broadcast click the link below.


I need to Restart…

In this episode Zach the Intern (on a steek) joins Q ‘n’ Na to try and convince them to see “G-Force”.  See how it turns out for the intern!

Also in this episode, Q ‘n’ Na discuss “Fighting” and “Sunshine Cleaning”.  For this week’s feature flick Living Dead Girl joins the crew to discuss “The Final Destination”.  Find out if the undead dig this flick or not!

If you missed the show click below: