EftRou 144: 2011 Thoughts and 2012 Predictions

Another short one for all of you to enjoy.  Tonight its just Q and myself (SquareRoss) as the rest of the crew is wrapping up the holidays.  Q & I look back on 2011 topics that caught our eye and look forward and share what we think is going to be some highlights of 2012.  Enjoy and as usual share your thoughts with us.


2011 Look Back

American Chopper Live: The Buildoff

American Chopper Live: The Buildoff

So Q & I wanted to kick off 2012 aka Season 3 of EftRou by taking a look back at the highlights of 2011 and sharing with you a few things that stood out for us as interesting moments in entertainment and beyond.  Q has some TV/Movie highlights as well as some thoughts about the Live special of American Chopper.  I happened to go with my Geekier side talking some video games as well as sharing my thoughts on TV and the business of entertainment, including news that caught a lot of people guard this past year.

2012, To infinity and beyond!

Fringe On Fox

Fringe On Fox

Next up Q and I attempt to prognosticate about what will be the big highlights of 2012, including that pesky end of the world rumor.  Q thinks a certain comic book movie will be big.  Square plans on seeing a trio of movies including the last Dark Knight Saga movie, A Ridley Scott film and the return to the Shire (Which Q is now on the bandwagon with).  I managed to find 2 Movies that cause pause as the fact that Q hasn’t heard of either of them. Q thinks he’s found the stinker of the year remake movie.  Lastly I stick with 1 returning favorite TV show, Fringe and another new one from the mastermind of J.J.Abrams & Company.

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Until next time stay safe and enjoy your entertainment!

EftRoU Extra – 2011 Fall TV preview

Now that Square Ross is part of the crew and we have another TV watcher in the mix we thought we would record a Fall TV Preview episode. Both Square and I  love us some BoobTube so we give you our thoughts on good TV for the 2011 season. So listen in and enjoy.


BoobTube Babble:

Here’s the run down of the episode:


Fringe - Friday Nights on Fox

First we talk about shows that are returning this season that are must see. It could be because of the great story lines the acting or a new spin. We discuss such TV shows as Fringe, Modern Family and The Big Bang Theory. Listen in and let us know what your favorite TV shows are by leaving a comment.

Playboy Club

NBC - Playboy Club

Next we talk about shows that aren’t going to cut it this year. Examples include but are not limited to Playboy Club and 2 Broke Girls.

Pan Am


The last thing we discuss are new TV Shows that we’re excited about and can’t wait to see. In this segment you’ll hear about Pan Am and Person of Interest. We would love to hear what you’re excited to see this season as well as what you think are stinkers. Leave us a comment and let us know.

Look for more EftRoU extras in the future as Square Ross and do some exclusive TV reviews and commentary. Thanks for listening and stopping by!

QQR – American Chopper Cadillac build-off


In this edition of QQR I talk about American Chopper Sr. VS Jr. and the latest episode, Cadillac Build-off Part 2, where OCC and PJD build bikes for Cadillac. The intent is to raise awareness and money for Cure Duchenne a worthy cause. These last two episodes have been great, as they pit father against son. The executives at Cadillac are brilliant marketers as well as the producers of American Chopper. This was a clever concept to have OCC go up against PJD. I know I couldn’t wait to see these last two episodes. Now I can’t wait to see who’s bike will be voted the better bike. (go team PJD)

I also talked about American Chopper on episode 115 of our podcast. Check it out as The Moderator and Mike question if American Chopper is purely scripted.

Until next time….


EftRoU 109: Mighty Mouse sniffed cocaine

In this week’s episode of EftRoU Dillon 2.0 steps it up a notch. Could it be because Cassi Perkins comes back for a second week in a row, maybe?!?!??!  Any who, this week we take on a new segment we are calling, Cartoon Character Showdown. We’re also looking at some history by reviewing and discussing Only in America with Larry the Cable Guy and our feature flick is The Conspirator.


Cartoon Character Showdown:

Cartoon Character Showdown #1

Cartoon Character Showdown: Mighty Mouse VS Underdog

As mentioned before this is a new segment we are bringing your way, we pit cartoon character against each other and hope to find a winner. Our first bought is Mighty Mouse vs. Underdog, who will win the crown. Listen in as Q defends Underdog and Mike takes the side of Mighty Mouse. Our bought judges will be Shady the Biker and his helpful assistants Cassi and Dillon. Tell us if you think the right character won or if Shady and the kids get wrong.

Boobtube Babble:

Only in America

History Channel - Only in America with Larry the Cable Guy

Man-o-man Dillon 2.o was excited about this segment. For our boobtube babble we have a short discussion about Only in America with Larry the Cable Guy. As much as I tried to avoid it I couldn’t help but say “Get-r-done”. This relatively new show to the History Channel is about Larry the Cable Guy going around the United States meeting everyday people and sharing stories that you can only find in America. Learn more about why Larry wanted to do this show by checking out the show history. Listen to the crew shares some of their favorite moments, like when Larry rides with the Hells Angles, visits NASA, wrangles some alligators and much, much more.


Feature Flick:

Movie the Conspirator

American Film Company - The Conspirator

Keeping with our history type theme the feature flick we discuss is The Conspirator. This great film is directed by Mr. Robert Redford and it’s about the seven men and the lone woman (Mary Surratt) who are charged with conspiring to kill the President (Abraham Lincoln), Vice President, and Secretary of State. Against the ominous back-drop of post-Civil War Washington, newly-minted lawyer, Frederick Aiken (played by James McAvoy) , a Union war-hero, reluctantly agrees to defend Surratt (played by Robin Wright Penn) before a military tribunal. Aiken quickly realizes his client may be innocent. As the nation turns against her, Surratt is forced to rely on Aiken to uncover the truth and save her life. Other fine performances in this film include Justin Long as Nicholas Baker, Tom Wilkinson as Reverdy Johnson and Kevin Kline as Edwin Stanton.

Thank you once again for hanging out with us, we really do appreciate your time. If you are new to the show be sure to come back a visit us more often. Oh, by the way, did you learn anything from seeing this week’s movie? If so, or not, let us know by leaving a comment.

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QQR – Food Revolution…

Once again I have decided to put myself in front of the cameras to bring all our fans a QQR. This time I decided to talk about season 2 of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.

Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution

This is a show about the Naked Chef trying to change what schools serve. He feels school’s are not serving healthy foods to our kids. And he is right, they aren’t!

Check out what I have to say in this little show summary of episode one. I think it’s going to be a tough season for Jamie. I can’t wait to see what he does with the fast food place as well as with the schools. It’s going to be a lot of fun. If all goes well I and like this years season I will be posting a few QQR’s about Food Revolution.


Until next time,