EftRoU 158: It’s Me Squario!

Q, Square and Mike return this week to bring you the latest in entertainment news as well as our thoughts on whatever comes to our minds.  This week we had some fun chatting about Chipotle, Sony and our favorite money themed movies. And just for the fun of it, we also introduce the world to Squario?


Chipotle vs. McDonald’s

Chipotle man!

Chipotle man!

The crew talks about a recent article that is coming out talking about how consumers are more inclined to go for a Chipotle Burrito aka “Burrito Pillow” (As noted by SquareRoss) than a McDonalds BBQ Wrap offerings.  The crew definitely can confirm that we have a clear winner in our opinion and speak from personal experience on the topic.  One of the big moves though by Chipotle was to get “Back to the Basics” as seen here in this commercial that has aired before movies and even during the Grammy’s earlier this year.  You can see the video here Chipotle “Back to the Basics”. If you are feeling nostalgic you can also listen to EftRoU’s 5th show, where Q and Na review Chipotle.

The Great SONY restructuring.

The Walkman

The Walkman

So Sony is in the midst of a huge change in the way they do things and run, starting with laying off over 10,000 employee in various areas of the company.  The crew talks innovation and whether Sony still can pull off a major comeback like Apple did in the 90’s into 2000.  The crew talks about all kinds of things relating to the company. Especially the emerging interactive controls coming out for TVs and if that is truly innovative or just a fad?

Speaking of Money…

Eddie Murphy In Trading Places

Eddie Murphy In Trading Places

The crew decided to continue on with the subject of money and discusses some of the best money themed movies and what we like about them.  Mike, Q and Square definitely have some interesting picks including Oceans 11 (2001), Brewster’s Millions, Wall Street (1987) and some others that you might not expect or have thought of. If you can think of a movie or two that we forgot leave us a comment.

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Until next time stay safe and enjoy your entertainment!

kill shot…

This week, I’m gonna give you a little more than I did last week… but last week’s post was pretty funny wasn’t it?

This week, Jewel of India, Parenthood, and Date Night are the topics.

Check it!!



Shady! Need I say more?!

Oh, I do? Ok…

We’ve got Dillon’s Dialogue, a music review, a restaurant review, listener feedback, another round of American Throttle, Boob Tube Babble and a Feature Flick!



put it down, seriously…

Happy Thursday all! (admittedly it’s friday as i write this)

Tonight was a Benadryl-induced blur, but I think we had some fun… Rachael West was in studio talking about So You Think You Can Dance with Q as I interjected stuff that didn’t help at all…  We tried a new segment called Convince Me. Let us know if you can think of a better name… We’re not convinced this one is right for us.  We raved about a local pizza joint called Granelli’s, and out Feature Flick this week was The Taking of Pelham 123.

By the way, this was our 20th show and we let it go by with little pomp or circumstance, cause that’s the kind of low-key, down to Earth guys we are. Yeah. In truth, we just didn’t realize it… Try to enjoy it, in spite of the lack of ceremony, ok?


a joke…

Q ‘n’ Na walk into a bar, but the bar is Castlerockradio.com…

The bartender, who is their producer MT, asks, “Why the long faces?”

Q sighs, looks down at his feet and says, “We got nothin’ but a geeky DVD, a Tom Hanks flick and a New Jersey diner that spawned a million paper towel commercials.”

“It’s hard to talk entertainment when there’s no exciting entertainment to talk about,” says Na, staring blankly off into the distance.

The door swings open wildly… it’s Shady. “I know what’ll cheer you guys up!” he says as he slams three stiff drinks down on the table. “Let’s disect the new Green Day album!”

Smiles creep over Q ‘n’ Na’s faces. They nod, MT fires up the intro music, and history is made: EftRoU broadcast #16.