EftRou: 148 Clapfest Season…

The EftRoU crew returns this week with a new format and some entertainment news and thoughts regarding the Touch Preview event on Fox. Plus the Screen Actors Guild awards, the Pro Bowl for those sports fans listening and last but not least Oscar Nominations and Snubs.  Sit back and enjoy as we bring you another great episode.


Touch and Screen Actors Guild Awards

FOX has brought Kiefer Sutherland back to the small screen on with the premiere of his new show titled Touch.

Touch - FOX

Touch - FOX

This has been an interesting show to wait for as it puts Sutherland in a role that is literally and completely the opposite of his Jack Bauer character, from the famous 24 series.  The show revolves around Martin Bohm (Sutherland) and his 11 year old son Jake Bohm, played by David Mazouz, who is autistic but sees the entire world differently and realizes how everyone and everything is connected.  The series is created by Tim Kring of Heroes (2006) & Chicago Hope fame.  The show definitely has me hooked but what about the rest of the crew?

Next up was the Screen Screen Actors Guild awards that were on TBS.  Q took some time to watch this years show and shares his thoughts with the crew of the highlights as well as his thoughts on the winners and losers.  We also take some time to dive into the idea of “do we really need more award shows“?  Mike and Q definitely take sides in the matter and I realize I haven’t seen nearly as many movies in the last few months as I thought.

The Oscar Nominations

Again the debate rolls onto the nominations and snubs for this years (2012) Oscars.  The crew really has some fun with this and making fun of me for not liking Cars 2 (2006) as well as making some bold statements about other animated films from PIXAR.

Billy Crystal Returns to Host

Billy Crystal Returns to Host

We talk about some interesting thoughts on what now counts as a performance when an actor has been digitized.  We don’t make our predictions this week but sure start to get a feel for what might be a winner and losers based on whats happened this awards season.

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