EftRou 160: Mullet Time!

This week we assemble earths mightiest entertainment pundits, well almost mightiest, to take on the challenge of the Avengers. Before we tackle some super heroes we catch up with the crew and play “Name That Movie” (a new game from the mind of ‘Q’) and talk about our upcoming summer movie picks.


Name That Movie

The crew partakes in a fun game called “Name That Movie”. Q toss’s out some movie quotes to find out who knows their movies best. I myself did not fair well but my fellow cast mates did a fine job. I personally think Q gave the moderator some easy ones as well as gave Mike some good hints on a couple of his.  Find out who wins and find out who ultimately goes home with nothing.

Next stop summer films both bad and good.

Prometheus Poster

Prometheus Poster

Being that the summer movie blockbuster season has begun the crew has taken it upon themselves to help you, our fans, with a guide of what to see and not to see this summer. Find out what the crew thinks of some of the upcoming summer flicks. See if our picks surprise you.

Feature Flick: Earth’s mightiest heroes assemble

Maria Hill aka Aunt Robin aka Cobie Smulders

Maria Hill aka Aunt Robin aka Cobie Smulders

It’s taken 4 years but the greatest movie event has arrived, for both comic book fans and non comic book fans. If your not familiar with this film here’s a little back story. At the end credits scene of the first Ironman film Samuel Jackson appears in a quick scene telling Tony Stark about a program called the Avengers initiative. Fast forward 8 different super hero movies later (Thor, Incredible Hulk, Captain America) and we have the Avengers finally assembling into what we felt has set the new standard of comic book films forever (or at least until Avengers 2). Last year the crew touched on some thoughts about this film. In  Episode 122 we chat about Captain America and the Marvel Avengers Civil War Series (Here our prediction on how that will tie into the Avengers movies). In Episode 112, before I was part of the show, the crew talked about the acting ability of some of the actors for the Avengers flick (feel free to fast forward to the 47 minute mark to hear that). Since we had a full crew this week we really get a broad perspective of this film.

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EftRou 155: A longs with that…


The crew is back with everyone but Mike! So it was up to Q, Shady and Myself (SquareRoss) to give you some great entertainment news and our thoughts on: The Descendants, Once Upon a Time possibly influencing some upcoming movie releases, We talk the finale of Alcatraz, Walking Deads new character! and what shows were watching and how amazing Tom Hardy is.


Talking some walkers and a herd

I was corrected tonight that in the ““The Walking Dead” (2010) universe a large group of zombies err…”walkers” is a “herd”.  The guys chat about the finales new character intro as well as our thoughts on how the graphic novel compared to the TV show from what we’ve seen.

Descendants Movie Review

Geroge Clooney The Descendants Poster

Geroge Clooney The Descendants Poster

Q and Shady recently had the chance to see the movie The Descendants (2011) and share their thoughts on the movie. Plus they discuss if it deserved winning its recent OSCAR for adapted screen play.

Once upon a time influence


Mirror Mirror 2012 Movie Poster

The crew touches on the fact that both Mirror Mirror (2012) and Snow White and the Huntsman (2012) both are coming out right along the same time as “Once Upon a Time” (2011) (TV series) will be wrapping up its season. And is a show like this able to influence major Hollywood studios in moving up release dates for shows?  Also what do you think of the trailer for Snow white and the Huntsman?

Closing the door on Alcatraz and Tom Hardy as a Villain?

Alcatraz Poster

Alcatraz Poster

Lastly the crew talks about the finale of “Alcatraz” (2012) and how well done the show is along with some other bits and pieces from warrior and just how freaking amazing Tom Hardy is.

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Shady’s Corner: Review of Here and Now by Nickelback


I’m so glad to see you’re back. It’s that time again, another Shady’s Corner. This time I take on Nickelback and the latest CD Here and Now.

Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below, also tell me if you like the CD?

For more of my reviews take a look here.


Here and Now by Nickelback

Nickelback - Here and Now

I’m Shady, and this is Shady’s Corner.

I am reviewing the new Nickelback, Here and Now, which arrived on store shelves in late 2011, which is almost 3 years after “Dark Horse”. 11 songs total on this disc, around 40 minutes of music.

This disc is consistent with previous releases, meaning that it has the hard driving  pop rock songs, a few rock ballads, and the typical filler songs. If it works, continue doing it.

I like Nickelback… or at least their faster harder songs.

The funny thing about this disc, when I first listened to it… I was kinda unimpressed and put it aside for awhile. Then I revisited the cd and realized that about 2/3 of this disc is very good, if you like rock songs about girls, parties, liquor, and fighting.

I know Nickelback played Sturgis a few years back, and have seen the concert footage. I rather liked watching them live from Sturgis Bike Week.

It’s as if they took their experience there and wrote songs geared toward the biker crowd, thinking they might actually play there again soon. I’m not sure if they are playing Sturgis this year as the Tour Dates currently only go through the end of June on their website.

I can say this about this disc, the first 6 of 7 songs really rock it out. It begins with a pounding song called This Means War, about fighting, then moves into “Bottoms Up” a song totally committed to drinking… and they even mention one of my favorite whiskeys, Jack.

Third song, When We Stand Together is an Anthem song discussing the pains of war and how we need to support our troops. The 4th song, and my favorite on the disc, Midnight Queen… is a rocking, fast paced guitar rock song where Chad Kroeger is “addicted to the Red Light Show”. Again, bar, drinking, sex.

Gotta Get Some… the ultimate girl of every man’s dreams… pretty much. Ditto previous song.

What I can’t understand is the next song called Lullaby. I’m not a fan. It’s a ballad that’s not really that good and if it even belongs on this disc. If they wanted to slow the pace down, I would have swapped the 8 song which is a better slow song… Trying Not to Love You.

7 song also rocks… called Kiss it Goodbye.

The rest of the disc seems like filler songs although the 10 song, Everything I Wanna Do, adds the dirtiness to what seems like a lullaby… he talks about a gal that does everything Naughty and he even includes spelling out the F word inside the song…

Again, if it works…

This is a good disc overall. Not sure I would own all the songs, but for me, the first 6 out of 7 songs are a great addition to your Nickelback playlist. I say it’s up to you whether you want to own the disc or just purchase two thirds of the songs from iTunes. I personally think the purchase of the disc was worth it.

I am giving this release 41/2 flaming skulls out of 5.

I’m Shady, Let’s ride.

Review of Van Halen A Different Kind of Truth


Welcome to another one of Shady’s Corners. This time I review the latest CD from Van Halen titled A Different Kind of Truth.

Watch the video below and let me know what you think of the new CD by leaving a comment below. Want more reviews by me, check it out here.

Want to pick up the deluxe edition of A Different Kind of Truth, be sure to visit Amazon or just Google it.


Van Halen CD - A different kind of truth

Van Halen - A Different Kind of Truth

I’m Shady, and this is Shady’s Corner.

New disc, which came out in early February, 2012

Van Halen – A Different Kind of Truth. 13 new songs from the band at around 50 minutes.

I am a huge Van Halen fan… both the David Lee Roth era, and the Sammy Hagar days. This band is in my top 10 of all time favorite bands. This disc comes 17 years after Balance, Sammy’s final studio disc, and 28 years after 1984, Roth’s last studio album with the band.

Van Halen fans… will love it. I loved it.

This disc continues the Van Halen rock tradition – rockin songs throughout the whole disc

Like it would be a continuation of the David Lee Roth era, as if no time had passed, although you can tell on some songs as his voice isn’t quite as strong, but still has power.

Eddie, rocks. Guitar work is awesome. Every song features a great guitar riff from Eddie. I believe that if Eddie ever had Lost it… on this disc, he found it again.

Alex – same drumming which is of course really good

Wolfgang, Eddie’s son… not really Michael Anthony, but hey… this disc is reminiscent of classic VH

Starts with the song Tattoo, which has had some controversy – some people like it, some don’t. i like it, but its definitely not the strongest song on the disc…

My personal favorites are She’s the Woman, Blood and Fire, As Is, Honeybabysweetiedoll, Stay Frosty, and Big River.

Blood and Fire has the feel of “come back” and Roth even states this it in the middle of the song as he speaks the words “Told ya I was coming Back, Say ya missed me, Say it like ya mean it.”

Stay Frosty is totally a throw back as is similar in feel to “Ice Cream Man”. Starts acoustically with just a guitar and very well done singing from Roth. Then it pumps in with heavy guitar and drums. The middle of the song is typical Van Halen with awesome guitar and drums. This is one of my favorite songs on the disc.

They stay true to form with a typical Van Halen double time song. Actually there are two on this disc, Bullethead and As Is, but I prefer the As Is song. Very much like Hot For Teacher. Low rumbling guitar starts the song slow, but then it picks up and rocks double time.

What I love about this disc is the rawness of the music… a throwback to VH1, VH2 and Women and Children First.

It’s 4 guys, 3 Instruments and vocals. No synthesizers, keyboards, sound effects.

One slight, and I mean slight, disappointment… the early days of Van Halen would include a remake of some kind, You Really Got Me, Pretty Woman, Dancing in the Streets. This disc has none. Not a big deal, but it would have been nice.

Overall, a strong comeback for Van Halen, David Lee Roth revisited. This disc is worth buying as almost every song is a great addition to your VH collection.

I give this 4 1/2 flaming skulls out of 5.

I’m Shady, Let’s ride.

EftRou – 152: Of Motorcycles and OSCARS

The crew returns for yet another episode filling your brain with entertainment news!  To kick things off the crew talks some potential TV cancellations then we roll on into Shady The Bikers review of Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengence, last but certainly not least we share our thoughts on the OSCARS.


TV Cancellation rumors

Fringe Poster

Fringe Cast

Q & I are huge fans of 2 FOX TV shows that potentially could be facing the axe.  If you haven’t seen FRINGE or Alcatraz your doing your self a disservice.  The reason I say this is both of these shows are very creative and mysterious without having to go over people’s heads that aren’t into Sci-Fi/Drama.  With viewership on the decline for both shows, FOX doesn’t see why it should continue producing the shows. Instead they mar replace both shows with something that has a bit more reality (Which seems to be all we have on TV now).  I don’t have to many shows I enjoy and have dedicated myself to these to shows. I feel losing either of these shows now would be a huge mis-step on FOX’s part.

Ghost Rider

So Shady decided to go see Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance this last weekend and we were hoping for a great review from Shady. Why do you ask, well,  #1 he’s into Motorcycles, #2 he liked the first one, & #3 he wouldn’t stop talking about the trailer when it came out a few months ago.  Find out his thoughts and opinion of the latest installment from the Ghost Rider franchise.

Billy is back!

Billy Crystal Returns to Host

Billy Crystal Returns to Host

I think everyone was re-leaved when the news hit a few months ago that Billy Crystal was indeed going to return to the hosting duties of the OSCARS.  I even was more excited when I saw the trailer for the OSCARS called “The Host”, which made me feel that this was going to blow away all expectations. We take time to talk about some of the highlights and low lights and all the fun stuff in between plus go over our OSCAR predictions from last weeks episode (if you haven’t heard it go here first).

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