EftRoU 98a: hockey can be entertaining…

As most of you know I am a big fan of hockey and I watch the Avalanche on TV when ever I can find the time. I used to go to at least 6 games a year back in the day until it just became to cost prohibitive for me and The Moderator. We love watching hockey and find it to be a great form of entertainment.

Hockey All Star Game

2011 NHL All Star logo

So for those of you out there that are not hockey fans or have not every really watched hockey before this is my plea to say, “You got to give it a chance!” This weekend January 28-30, 2011 you can check out the All Star game on Versus, check your local listings for time and channel.

In an effort to help introduce the EftRoU audience to this years NHL All Stars I invent my friend Tapeleg from the Rink Podcast. That’s right I said Tapeleg, from www.rinkpodcast.com. Tapeleg and I record a special episode to discuss what we think of hockey as a whole as well as the new twist that the NHL has put on this year’s All Star game.

Listen in and then let us know if we made you into a hockey fan or at least curious about the game. Or if you’re already a fan let us know what you think of this years All Star game format.


something different…

Okay the the gang at EftRoU decided to try something a little different.

This week Shady, Mike (from EatSleepGeek.com) and Q make some bold NFL predictions. In case you don’t want listen to the whole show look at the end of this post to see their picks.

Also on the show this week: a CD review of The Steve Miller Band’s album ‘Bingo‘ as well as a feature flick discussion ‘Takers‘.


Now for the bold predictions. The guys pick the top division leaders and a super bowl winner.


East: Q and Mike picked the New York Jets while Shady picked the New England Patriots

North: Q picked the Baltimore Ravens, Shady picked the Cincinnati Bengals and Mike went with the Pittsburgh Steelers

South: All three guys went with the Houston Texans

West: Q and Shady went against their own home state and picked the San Diego Chargers and Mike decided to pick the shows home state team, the Denver Broncos


East: Q and Mike picked the New York Giants while Shady picked the Washington Redskins (which confused Mike)

North: Q picked the Chicago Bears while Mike and Shady went with the Green Bay Packers

South: Q and Mike picked the Atlanta Falcons and Shady decided to go with the New Orleans Saints

West: Q and Shady picked the San Francisco 49ers and Mike went with the Arizona Cardinals

And for the big time predictions Super Bowl XLV

Q picks the Jets to win over the Bears

Shady picks the Packers over the Chargers

Mike picks the Vikings over the Ravens