The Soft-Rock Vocalist and the Football Coach…

Michael Bolton was booted off Dancing With the Stars

Michael Bolton is the latest causality on DWTS

This is the tale of a man who built a career around singing songs like “Love Is A Beautiful Thang” and another man that inspired men to throw a football in the name the Dallas Cowboys and the Miami Dolphins. Despite each man’s extreme success in his respective field, they could not succeed in the battlefield of reality tv. They were each brought down by the cruel beast known as… “The Vote.” Michael Bolton and Jimmy Johnson are no more.

Bolton got booted off my America this week from Dancing With the Stars after a terrible attempt at crawling out of a dog house during his even worse routine with Chelsie Hightower. He was trying to tour while compete on the show and he always seemed grumpy and/or sick. I think it’s for the best. A sidenote: The booing in the audience was not for Sarah Palin. How do I know? The producers of DWTS told me so…….. so it must be true. Right? :) How does Bristol do that shakey thing? It’s a mystery.

Football great Jimmy Johnson was voted off the island on Survivor.

Jimmy Johnson was voted off the island this week on Survivor

Johnson got voted off the Old Tribe on Survivor this week after his inspirational approach left some members inspired to get rid of him. Even though he insisted that he didn’t even want to win the money at the end and that he would help someone else win it big, Johnson seemed to have a target on his back from the beginning. The other men on the tribe were jealous and they did vote off a pretty darn good leader. Good luck Old Ones… you better huddle up.

RW for RB.

Hello and Goodbye, Reality Style…

As you can see from the illustration, reality tv watching this Fall will be quite intriguing.

An illustration of the power of Reality Tv viewing.

Summer’s almost over… but the Fall line up of Reality TV is just getting started! Yeehaw! This is what Chris and I can’t wait to see this Fall.

Say HELLO to:
1. Survivor… Old vs Young – September 15th on CBS
2. Dancing with the Stars (Chris might be able to wait, but not me! Can’t wait to see Michael Bolton… lol!) – September 20th on ABC
3. THINtervention with Jackie Warner – Yeah! She’s Jillian Michael’s ex girlfriend. Love both of them! This started on Sept. 6th on BRAVO
4. Another Biggest Loser – September 15th on NBC
5. Amazing Race (17th edition) – September 26th on CBS
6. The Apprentice – non celebrity version – September 23rd on NBC
7. America’s Next Top Model – Already started on September 8th!

As you can see, there’s a lot to look forward to on the Reality TV show front. We are also saying goodbye to some summer standbys over the next week including Big Brother and America’s Got Talent. Farewell until next year, my friends.

Onto the Fall Lineup… load ’em up and let’s head on out.
-RW for RB